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Increased ticket prices limit Super Bowl attendees

Due to many different factors, such as inflation, the ticket pricing for the Super Bowl has significantly risen in previous years. This has affected the ability of football fans to come to this event, as it has become unaffordable to most with the lowest-costing ticket on Ticketmaster, where the NFL officially sells tickets, being $6,500.
Connor Feick
Eagles gear… flashing a smile, Connor Feick is proud to be representing the Eagles. He has been a big Eagles fan for most of his life by the influence of his mom.

By raising the price of tickets to the Super Bowl, the annual event has become unaffordable to many football fans, making it an unrealistic event for many to be able to attend.

This year was the 58th annual Super Bowl, breaking viewership records and becoming the most-watched Super Bowl in NFL history, gaining an estimated 123.7 million viewers. 

In response to the excitement of seeing the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers play, the NFL may feel comfortable raising ticket prices, as they know fans will still attend. 

According to football fan Connor Feick, the prices will continue rising if the NFL notices that people are still willing to purchase these expensive tickets.

“If the NFL sees that people are going to pay for [tickets], they are probably gonna bump it up,” Feick said. 

In recent years, the Super Bowl has also grown in views. According to Feick, the Super Bowl attracts more viewers yearly, which can contribute to the rising prices of tickets.

“Every year the Super Bowl is played, it gets more legendary and popular,” Feick said.

 Not only does the increase in viewership play a role in these prices, but another factor could be the famous halftime show. For Super Bowl LVIII, Usher performed with guest singers like Alisha Keys and

According to business teacher Thomas Engard, the halftime show is an “extravaganza” every year. Many people enjoy seeing their favorite artist performing, especially if they can see it live.

“I think that people still want to go to the Super Bowl in person because they want to see the halftime show,” Engard said.

Overall, a factor that plays into the influx in prices, not just for the Super Bowl tickets but worldwide, is because of inflation.

 According to Feick, “high demand” comes from the football fans trying to purchase these tickets, and it’s “always going up.”

Although some people have the money to pay for these tickets, many fans can’t afford to pay that large amount.

“I think it’s not worth it, with the crazy prices the tickets are, it’s not affordable or reasonable,” Feick said.

When the Super Bowl comes around, some people willingly pay for these tickets every year despite the high prices.

“The reality is that the price will continue to go up if they continue to sell out,“ Engard said.

According to Engard, these increased prices impact the people who can watch the Super Bowl in person, almost like a different fanbase watching it.

“I think that you ultimately could see it as a different kind of fan, if you will,” Engard said. “You’ll see the upper middle class and the upper class with limited exceptions.”

While many want to see the Super Bowl in person, some fans enjoy the perspective from their home. According to football fan Madi Mott, her family likes to have a gathering for the Super Bowl.

“There’s always something going on in my house. We have friends over and have a great time,” Mott said.

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