Issue 6 Thumbs Down



King Charles III was crowned, along with his wife and now Queen Camilla Parker Bowles, on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.
With the crowning of Britain’s new sovereigns, one can’t help but think of the late Princess Diana of Wales, Charles’ previous wife whom he notoriously cheated on with Camilla during their marriage.
Diana was truly a princess of the people’s hearts, especially The Arrowhead’s, through her unwavering efforts to genuinely help others from working to destigmatize AIDS and leprosy to funding the arts.
Diana famously said that she wishes for a “monarchy that has more contact with its people,” so it’ll be interesting to see if Charles and Camilla make any reforms.

Teacher Shortage

One of the main causes of teacher shortages is the large and expensive gap between what it costs to become a teacher and the insufficient salaries teachers make in return.
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average inflation-adjusted teacher salary has remained the same since 1990, while the average inflation-adjusted college tuition per year has nearly doubled.
Programs like Grow Your Own (GYO) tried to recruit community members to become teachers in school districts throughout the country, yet the most significant step we can take to fix this problem is to simply pay teachers more.
Teachers have an incredibly important role as the educators of our future. It is not viable to simply ignore the pay disparity. fostered by incredibly expensive college tuition and increasingly decreasing teacher salaries.

Met Gala 2023

2023’s Met Gala commemorated the late designer Karl Lagerfeld with the theme “In Honor of Karl.”
Lagerfeld was an influential designer known for modernizing Chanel from the ‘80s to his passing.
However, the looks were uninventive and quite boring with celebrities just wearing archive Chanel or adding a few pearls and calling it a day.
Although wearing archive Chanel from Lagerfeld’s time as its creative director is technically on theme, these looks were done with no creativity.
For example, Dua Lipa wore a beautiful gown from Lagerfeld’s iconic Chanel Couture Bride collection, yet the look lost so much spark from the absence of its matching headpiece and Lipa’s flat hair.
Lagerfeld was also known for his loud designs and over accessorization with piles of gold chains- yet the majority of attendees played it safe and didn’t experiment with his love for extravagance and abundance.