Issue 6 Thumbs Up


Academic Decathlon

After winning their third state championship in March, Souderton’s Academic Decathlon team competed at nationals on April 27-29 in Frisco, Texas where they placed ninth overall and fourth in Division I.
In this successful AcaDec season, students worked to become proficient in a multitude of subjects centered around the American Revolution.
According to AcaDec head coach Phil Cerami, nationals is an experience unlike any other.
“This was an experience that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of our students,” Cerami said. “I think, for our students, it was hopefully one of the definitive experiences of their lives.”

Concert Sundaes Return

Beginning again in June, Concert Sundaes will be returning to Souderton’s Community Park, so get ready for warm nights spent with friends and family with a side of ice cream.
Concert Sundae is a night where the community comes together to celebrate good music while summer sunsets color the sky.
Starting June 4, Concert Sundaes will occur weekly on Sundays at 7 p.m. until early August.
These evenings in the park also give local and/or small musicians and bands a chance to showcase their artistry. For example, on June 11, Beatlemania Again, a tribute Beatles band with musicians dressed as the original members, will perform.
Not only will a variety of ice cream be offered, but hotdogs and pizza will be available as well.

Summer Playlist

With summer approaching, the ultimate summer playlist is essential to making the most of the next three months.
For days spent soaking in the sun, “Honey” by Marine Girls, “El Muchacho de los Ojos Tristes” by Jeanette and “Señora Diana La Ví” by Diane Denoir and Eduardo Mateo combine soothing vocals with instrumentals and rhythms that make one appreciate the beauty and tranquility of summertime just a little bit more.
When driving with the windows rolled down, songs like “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts and “Rocket Man” by Elton John embody the carefree spirit of summer we all hope to adopt.