Boys lacrosse build bonds, win games in regular season

Hoping to progress to the state championships, the boys lacrosse team went on a seven-game win streak. The team has achieved a record of 13-5 as of May 17, even with their difficult schedule.

Due to the support of coaches and teammates, the lacrosse team went on a seven-game win streak and have been practicing everyday to make it to states.
Senior Ty Quintois believes that although the team have had a difficult schedule this season, it is causing them to play better.
“Playing against the best teams brings the best out of us,” Quintois said.
Quintois also believes that they have a chance to make it to states after they win a few games in districts.
“We have to win a few wins in districts to get that chance so I just want to win a few games and hopefully make the state tournament,” Quintois said.
According to Quintois, even with new players joining the team, the team has still seen considerable progress.
“We made a lot of progress. We have a lot of newer guys coming in and making immediate impacts for us. It just shows how hard we’re being pushed,” Quintois said.
Most of the team’s progress and success has been due to their friendships with each other, according to junior Ryan Rothenberger.
“Having friends and good people on a team makes it enjoyable at practice,” Rothenberger said.
With the progress Quintois has been making, he gives some credit to his coaches and teammates.
“I really like the coaches and my teammates, they’re very supportive and they push me hard,” Quintois said.
According to Rothenberger, his teammates are “fun to be around,” which makes practice more enjoyable for him and is a good “culture” to be in.
According to Quintois, the coaches and his teammates are also a big part of his progress as a person.
“[They] push me to be the best person that I can,” Quintois said.
Rothhenberger said that even when the team isn’t acting serious, they know when to act appropriately.
“We’re always having fun, but we know when to be serious,” Rothenberger said.