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To alter the ceremony in its traditions and timeliness, the Class of 2023’s graduation will have some differences from previous years. One of the differences is a switch to a different song that the choir will sing during the ceremony from the previous one, which has been around for about 20 years.

With two main differences to the ceremony, the seniors will graduate on June 12 at 6:00 p.m. in the stadium with these changes created to change tradition and save time.

Assistant principal Matt Haines said that one of these differences from previous ceremonies is the addition of a second speaker to call out students’ names.

“The hope is that parents aren’t waiting an extra long time to hear a name called,” Haines said. 

According to Haines, this change was made “as a way to keep the flow moving.” 

The other difference, Haines said, is a change in the song that the choir will be singing in the ceremony. 

According to Haines, the difference is “subtle” but the students decided to choose a new song for this year’s ceremony. 

Aside from these differences, Haines said that the amount of tickets each graduate receives will remain around the same as the amount from previous years. 

“The number of tickets is based off of the number of graduates and the number of seats that we have so it changes every year,” Haines said. 

According to Haines, these tickets are only for “grandstand seating” so anyone else who wants to watch the ceremony can do so without a ticket.