Spring Arts Exhibition displays aesthetic creativity

To share their works with the community, students in the district have spent many hours preparing projects for the Spring Arts Exhibition.



Taking it in…Admiring the different displays at the May 19 Spring Arts Exhibition, Art Studio IV student Julia Dinlocker looks fondly at her work. Dinlocker’s panel featured a large painted moth from her collection of wooden bugs.

After much preparation, students across the Souderton Area School District came together to display their various works of art at the high school’s Spring Arts Exhibition.
The art exhibition, which took place on May 19, was an event showcasing student work from courses such as Art Studio IV, Digital Media, Interior Design and Exterior Design.
The show also featured art pieces from middle school students within the district. Senior Julia Dinlocker said she was excited to share what she has created over the past years.
“Displaying all the things that we’ve been working so hard on for four years is so exciting. This is what we’ve been working towards,” Dinlocker said. “This is like the last big hurrah before we head out.”
Dinlocker believes events like these are important to show support for Souderton’s art departments.
“We’re also going to have artwork from the middle schools,” Dinlocker said, “so I think this is a big thing for the community.”
Senior Gillian Benfield shared a similar outlook.
“I think it’s something that everybody should go to,” Benfield said. “It is going to have some amazing pieces we’ve been working on.”
Art teacher Ginny Perry said that this year was opened up to other artistic departments, so students were also able to display things like graphic designs, fashion and furniture making.
“It’s projects that the students have done all year and it’s exciting,” Perry said. “For my Art [Studio] IV class, they’re putting their best work in there.”
Perry hopes her students feel confident enough to share what they have been working on.
“I hope my Art Studio IV students are proud of their work and are able to talk about their work confidently,” Perry said. “I’m hoping they are proud of what they have done in the last four years.”
Senior Amanda McGee enjoyed the variety of art and the overall atmosphere.
“It was a really fun time,” McGee said. “There were a lot of great pieces and it was a great way to exhibit the amount of effort that the students put into their art.”
Senior Patrick Rother was “blown away” by the clay section. “The attention to detail was really impressive,” Rother said.