3rd Fridays promote Souderton businesses

From May through October, 3rd Friday events take place on Main Street in Souderton from 6-9 p.m.



Sharing scrunchies and more…Selling accessories, small business owner Sarah Alldred (right) shares her handmade scrunchies with customer Bea Gallowky at the 3rd Friday event. On May 20 vendors from local businesses such as RaRa Creative sold their items on Main Street.

Gathering on Main Street for 3rd Fridays, the community is able to grow and support local businesses while also enjoying each other’s company.
For the event, a few streets are closed so that there is room for people to walk and enjoy the entertainment and vendors on Main Street, as well as the music and food trucks on Chestnut Street.
“There’s all kinds of tables,” Downtown Scoop Owner Kevin Hange said. “[There is] everything from churches, to dog rescues, to boy scouts to local businesses.”
3rd Fridays is organized by Souderton Connects. Souderton Area For All runs a table with interactive activities and different themes each month.
Souderton Area For All president Stephanie Jamison said 3rd Fridays offer people the opportunity to “try something new.”
“It’s an amazing opportunity to look and see what Main Street and Souderton has to offer that you probably wouldn’t get if you’re just driving through the town,” Jamison said.
Hange believes that 3rd Fridays are a good way for families to get “out and about.”
“We love being part of the town and we love being exposed to all these people who are coming in as guests to our town,” Hange said.
3rd Fridays have also helped their business to grow over the years.
Souderton Area For All treasurer Richard Detwiler enjoys the community aspect of the event.
“People get to walk around in a safe, interesting, informative, and fun environment and eat things, see displays and talk to people that are displaying things for their businesses or their organizations,” Detwiler said.
North Main Street resident Staci Zikul also appreciates 3rd Fridays “because you see neighbors in your community getting out, having fun. It’s just a well-rounded event,” Zikul said.
Besides having a positive impact on the Souderton community, the event is also a way for local businesses and organizations to promote themselves and gain support.
“I love to see people come out in the borough and not only just the people who live here. People who are not from Souderton are starting to come out as well,” Souderton Economic Development Committee chairperson Kylie Harrington said.
Harrington said this summer’s 3rd Fridays will feature a variety of vendors and some “new fresh faces.”