Senior prom is ‘night of nights’

Student Government Class of 2023 planned senior prom keeping their peers’ wishes in mind.

Following past tradition, the Class of 2023 booked the May 12 senior prom at the Fuge in Warminster, Pa.
The Class of 2023 Student Government planned the event.
Senior prom has been held at The Fuge since 2019.
“This is our second time [at The Fuge] because we were [here with the] Class of 2019, so we kind of knew what to do from there and [we] just communicated with the vendor,” co-advisor Michele Cheney said.
According to Cheney, senior prom is about creating special memories with friends in an establishment other than the high school.
“Being at a venue and having that experience for a sit down dinner is a little bit more formal. It gives you guys a different experience for a dance,” Cheney said.
Student Government Class of 2023 planned senior prom around the requests of the students.
“We want the music to be really good so that everybody loves prom. It’s all about the music,” co-advisor Kim Dudek said. “[We get] what extra things [the students want.] If they want the photo booth [and] those kinds of things.”
To prepare for the dance, both advisors and members of student government toured the building in March.
“A couple of months before prom, some of the members in student government took a tour of the venue, and we decided what food was going to be served and what color lights we wanted surrounding the room,” Student Government Class of 2023 member Madison Stine said. “We also picked a signature drink which was a Shirley Temple, but we called it the Big Red Shirley for some Souderton pride.”
According to Stine, “Prom is really all about the memories in the making.”
“Personally, I enjoy the pictures the most and getting all dolled up,” Stine said. “Prom offers the perfect opportunities to form unforgettable memories with your friends, which is something people look forward to their entire school life.”
Even if school dances may not appeal to some people, spending quality time with friends is still important to many.
“I just hope that everyone was able to enjoy themselves and find some aspect they loved,” Stine said. “I know dances aren’t for everyone, but I hope every student got to enjoy a final dance surrounded by friends.”
According to senior Logan Conver, “There were a lot of random songs that weren’t the best for dancing.”
“The DJ took suggestions, though, which was really nice because I got to dance to music I actually liked and as far as I know, DJs never took suggestions in the past,” Conver said.
Despite not everyone liking the music, seniors had a good time with friends.
“Even if the music isn’t the best, the actual dance is fun because of the people you surround yourself with,” senior Gabriel Heim said.
Another highlight of the dance for many was the food.
“I definitely enjoyed the food the most. The pasta was actually really tasty. I also really liked taking photos with [technology education teacher Brian] Ruth with all of my friends,” Conver said.
Heim also felt that the food was an integral part of the night.
“The best part of the dance was definitely the food, ”Heim said.