Promposals continue in prom traditions

As a way to ask people to prom, many students kept up the tradition of giving “promposals” to their friends and partners.


Madison Stine

Hoppy prom…Seeking a date for the May 19 senior prom, senior Adam Ellmore surprises senior Jami Garrison with a homemade poster promposal. The poster read, “I’d pog if we went to prom!”

Finding fun, creative ways to prompose, students created handcrafted promposals to invite people to both the junior and senior proms.
Junior Anna Stratton said a good promposal is one that is tailored to the relationship with the other person.
“I think that good promposals have some sort of significance,” Stratton said. “I don’t think they have to necessarily be extravagant, but they have to kind of hold some sort of meaning or play on an inside joke.”
Senior Peyton Krebs gave and received promposals during her senior and junior years respectively, and agrees that a sentimental promposal is a good one.
“[The other person and I] both did track themes because that’s our main thing that we have in common. They’re definitely tailored to each other,” Krebs said.
Senior Jami Garrison thinks that a good promposal also depends on the element of surprise.
“I think a good promposal happens when it’s a surprise because the person isn’t expecting it,” Garrison said. “It just takes them off guard. So, I guess it just makes it more special when they don’t know what’s going to happen.”
Garrison enjoys the creativity of promposals. “I think it makes it a little bit more fun,” Garrison said. “It adds another element other than just saying ‘yes’ to going to prom. [There’s] a little bit of a creative aspect.”
Garrison also said that she personally likes poster promposals, but also thinks people could “mix it up a bit” and try an alternative medium, like a slideshow presentation or a skit.
According to Krebs, a lot of effort was put into the poster that she made when giving her promposal.
“I made it in one night,” Krebs said. “I think it was two-and-a-half hours.”
Krebs said that promposals are “so fun and so cute,” and that more people should continue the tradition in the future. “If you’re thinking about proposing to someone in the future, you should go for it,” Krebs said.
Posters were a popular medium this year, but Stratton said the type of promposal depends on the person.
“I think that it depends on who you’re promposing to,” Stratton said.
The promposal Stratton gave consisted of a poster with a poem, but she had seen and heard about very different promposals, including one with a rented baby goat.