Farmers markets unite people

As warm weather approaches, farmers markets become a place for communities to gather. Anyone can go and enjoy the nice weather and local products.


Angie Kiel

Sharing the wealth…Admiring the fruits of their labor, Mickley Orchard’s owner Bill Mickley and the orchard’s helper, Sophia Breish, share their apple harvest at the Lansdale Farmers’ Market.

To bring joy and unity to the community, the Lansdale farmers market fosters a friendly environment by giving local businesses a place to share with their local customers all year round.
The Lansdale Farmers Market has been providing their larger community with fresh produce, smiles, family and friendship since 2009.
Lansdale Farmers Market board President Will Reid said their goal lies in providing attendees with meaningful connections to their community.
“Creating an environment where small farmers, small artisans and food makers have an environment where they can sell their products and present it to a large and appreciative community is the most important thing,” Reid said. “That connection, that one-on -one connection from producer to the customer is really the heart of our mission.”
Reid is also the owner of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy and is a vendor at the market. Mickley’s Orchard owner Bill Mickley said his favorite part of vending at the market is the way he can make people feel with his produce.
“When I come to markets and I sell the stuff that we use our hands to grow and put sweat and tears into, and watch people come to market and buy it and smile and enjoy it and come back and tell you how much they liked it, that means a lot to me,” Mickley said.
“Yeah, it’s a business. But it’s not as much a business for me as it is just making people happy.”
According to Mickley, his work is driven by the way he can make those around him feel and the connection he is able to have with fellow vendors and community members.
“Seeing their smiles means a lot to me and that means we are doing something right,” Mickley said.
Lansdale farmers market regular Gretchen Berry frequents the market due to the atmosphere and the localness of the products.
“It’s a great friendly vibe,“ Berry said. “I like that I know where my food comes from.”
The vendors also benefit from this interaction. The Flour Shop Bakery general manager Mary Venable says she is always glad to hear when someone enjoys her products at the market.
While some frequent for the atmosphere, others frequent more for the nutrition and high-quality food.
“[My family] has gotten used to things like fresh pasta and homemade sourdough. I can’t go back to boxed [spaghetti] and Wonder Bread,” Berry said. “We eat a lot healthier during farmers market season and we’ve tried a lot of things we would not have tried otherwise, like rhubarb, turns out I love it.”
The farmers market is now home to two certified organic vendors, and numerous vendors offering products that meet specific dietary needs, contain clean ingredients and are the freshest in the area.
The Lansdale Farmers Market is open every second and fourth Saturday from January to April from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Starting May 13, the market will be open every Saturday until late November.
For more information on the Lansdale Farmers Market, people can visit or even check out other farmers markets in the area by visiting