Issue 5 Thumbs Down


Easter Bunny

It is time we ask ourselves as a society how much longer we will put up with the Easter Bunny.
Yes, this rodent is representative of a blossoming spring, but is this really just propaganda?
How much longer will we force ourselves to believe that an oversize bunny with red, piercing eyes should be trusted with our children?
Not to mention how insensitive the Easter Bunny has been this year.
Even though egg prices were 70% higher than in 2022, the big shot Bunny continued to collect eggs from his dealer and hide them for young, gullible children to find.
He thinks inflation is some sick joke!
It’s time we find a new mascot for Easter and spring and leave the outgrown bunny.

Watson & Crick

April 25 marks the 70th anniversary of when molecular biologists James Watson and Francis Crick published their findings on the structure of DNA which they claimed they solely uncovered.
In reality, Watson and Crick used critical x-ray diffraction photos of DNA painstakingly divulged by chemist Rosalind Franklin without her knowledge.
In the 1950s, Franklin worked separately from Watson and Crick and was increasingly close to discovering the structure of DNA from her work in x-ray crystallology, while Watson and Crick unsuccessfully attempted to do the same.
Later in 1968, Watson published his book “The Double Helix” where Franklin was unjustly villainized.

Beech Leaf Disease

Possibly replacing the threat of lantern flies, according to scientists, beech leaf disease (BLD) poses a new threat to forests. BLD is suspected to be caused by nematodes (microscopic worms) and causes the death of beech trees.
BLD was first discovered in 2012 in Pa’s neighboring state of Ohio and has since spread in the Northeast.
Currently, scientists have found that BLD is most threatening to young beech trees.
Beech trees are incredibly important to forest ecosystems, as they provide nesting for birds, highly nutritious beechnuts for squirrels, deers and bears and also provide food for birds via the insects that inhabit the trees.