Issue 5 Thumbs Up


Election Day

On Tuesday, May 16, schools will be closed for Election Day, and citizens will vote in Pennsylvania’s primary elections.
During this election, registered voters will cast ballots to select the candidates for the upcoming general election.
This year, Pennsylvanians will vote for the state Supreme Court (SC) candidates and intermediate appellate courts.
The state SC is extremely important in settling disputes over state laws and legal matters. Also, Montgomery County’s very own President Judge Carolyn Carluccio is running for a seat on Pennsylvania’s SC.
Voting is the backbone of our democracy, so get out there and vote!


Both junior and senior proms are a time to celebrate the school year with friends under colorful lights with dancing music in stunning dresses and spiffy bowties.
Junior Prom was held on April 22 in the high school cafeteria, decorated to fit the theme of “A Night in the City.” For many juniors, prom was met with the exciting knowledge of their approaching senior year.
Senior Prom will be held on May 12 at The Fuge, a venue in Warminister, Pa.
Senior Prom is almost like a last hoorah to celebrate their high school careers before graduation. For many, Senior Prom will be met with a warm nostalgia as they prepare for the future.

Proactive Studying

Despite the looming finals and AP exams peering right over students’ shouldres, finding the motivation to actually study seems to be the hardest part of studying.
To lock into studying, try setting a timer for 20 minutes of diligent work, then a five minute break.
Accompanying this method with Hennings coffee and studymates help too.
In regards to making flashcards, while Quizlet may be more convenient, manually creating the flashcards on paper creates for better memorization and retention of the information.
As always, never hesitate to ask for help or guidance from teachers or classmates.