Pro: Once in a lifetime experience warrants paycheck

While concert tickets can seem like an outrageous purchase, especially for very famous artists, getting to see an artist perform can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Any price is worth a seat.


Jenna DeCarme

Cartoon by Jenna Decarme

By being deliberate when deciding which concerts are worth attending, fans can spend their money to experience their favorite musician live, which can be an exciting and connecting experience.
With Ticketmaster prices seeming more out of reach than ever, many people pass judgment on fans who choose to purchase tickets at outrageous prices.
According to CNBC, the average price of a Taylor Swift concert ticket is about $2,400.
While there are definitely cheaper options available, some in the low hundreds, many fans are willing to pay that much to see her.
Instead of judging, it is important to seek to understand why it is worthwhile for fans.
For many “Swifties” (Taylor Swift’s fan base), they have been waiting five or more years to see her.
For many of them, her music has gotten them through hard times or been a part of their life for a decade or more.
Many people argue that having the memory of seeing your favorite artist in person is worth the payment.
Not all fans attending big concerts are paying large sums of money.
Finding cheaper tickets may be difficult, but it is doable.
For teenagers, a couple hundred dollars may seem like a lot, but for those work and use proper budgeting, it can be manageable.
If tickets are in no way possible for your lifestyle, there is no problem with avoiding concerts completely and enjoying streaming music.
But for those who have it within their budget, seeing a favorite artist in person is a way to celebrate their music surrounded by other fans.
Many people go to concerts to get to meet other people who are similar to them.
It can be a great way to connect with other fans and the artist.
Some people even use it as an opportunity to meet new friends.
Another reason to go is the component of live music.
Many fans feel that experiencing the music in person cannot compare to streaming the songs.
Some musicians put unique spins on their songs in person and fans would prefer to see them performed live than watch a video.
Listening to the music in person can create a feeling of special connection to the artist.
The live music can also create that feeling of connection with the surrounding people.
Many musicians have elaborate sets and performances, making a concert a more exciting experience.
In addition to that, going to concerts can be a great way to show your appreciation for an artist.
It can be hard to show support for an artist in a way they notice, since they are such a socially distant figure.
But showing up at a concert and being willing to pay them for their artistry is a great way to express adoration.
Many artists don’t make profit off of their music on streaming services, and if they do, it doesn’t usually compare to the potential profit from a concert.