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The construction team has been working since August 2022 to update the interior of Indian Valley Middle School (IVMS). Construction workers work on hallway renovations at night to not disrupt school.

To improve the interior of the school, the contractors at Indian Valley Middle School (IVMS) are expected to finish the construction in the summer of 2025 through a nine-phase plan.
According to Principal Jeffrey Pammer, many parts of the school have already been updated so far “within a short period of time.”
“A lot has been accomplished and I can give the credit to the contractors and the planning team, that would be the project managers, that facilitate this whole operation,” Pammer said.
Pammer said that the current construction of adding five new classrooms, remodeling the auditorium, updating the music area and remodeling the locker area is scheduled to be open in August.
According to Pammer, the construction was halted on a certain part of the building due to supply-chain issues, specifically “all the heating units and the air-conditioning units” being put on hold.
“It’s constantly a work in progress and revolving,” Pammer said.
According to Pammer, along with updating the interior of the building, the construction will also update “the cameras in the building” and the PA system, “which is not working really well.”
Pammer said that the students and staff of the school have done well with remaining flexible and receptive to the construction going on throughout the day.