Stine’s Mind: Trader Joe’s has many shoppers ‘raisin’ the roof

Due to its rising popularity, many have designated Trader Joe’s as their primary grocery shopping destination. Many appreciate the variety of foods and the store’s atmosphere.


Offering a wide variety of food and beverages that cater to various allergies, intolerances and preferences, Trader Joe’s has become a highly appreciated and loved grocery store by many.
As someone who has never stepped foot into a Trader Joe’s, I decided it was time to take the bait.
The store itself boasted a Hawaiian theme that was immediately noticeable and well-executed.
I felt immediately transported to a beach town, despite the market being located in North Wales.
In turn, this gave off a very nostalgic feel. It reminded me of the type of local grocery store you would visit while on vacation.
This included many decorations depicting sea animals, flowers and many other tropical embellishments.
The store was easy to navigate and everything was organized, clean and labeled.
Unlike other grocery stores, Trader Joe’s did not feature large freezer aisles with dozens of doors, but instead aisles with refrigerated/frozen items in what are called “coffin cases.”
The cases are simply open top freezers (no doors) that allow customers to easily browse and reach for what they want.
Many of the products also included a short blurb describing the food which was helpful for someone unsure of what they may like.
Intermingled in every section were vegan, gluten free, nonfat, vegetarian and many more products to accommodate everyone.
This helped instill a more care-free environment, as well as dismantling the usual frigid temperatures of frozen food aisles.
I was also surprised to see a free sample set up, which is usually my favorite part of any grocery store trip.
This particular sample was an iced flower shaped cookie with sprinkles.
The worker handing out the samples was very engaging and kind, and even discussed the best ways to enjoy the cookie with me.
After browsing the aisles, I stumbled upon many enticing options to purchase.
I did notice that a majority of the food came in smaller serving sizes compared to other grocery stores.
For example, many of the frozen food options came with four samples of the product inside, including the chocolate croissants and Philly cheesesteak bao buns I purchased.
Although these frozen foods may just be appetizers, as someone with four siblings, there would be none left for me.
In comparison, I feel as though many other chains have larger amounts of product in one box, or offer larger versions such as “family size.”
Based on this, I would say that Trader Joe’s would be most suitable for smaller families or individuals rather than large families.
My favorite part of the store to browse was the bakery section. Based on my previous knowledge of Trader Joe’s, I thought it was a health food store empire, so I was pleasantly surprised to see desserts that looked appealing to the eye.
Based on the distance (30 minutes) between my house and Trader Joe’s, I wouldn’t necessarily frequent the establishment for my everyday grocery needs.
However, I loved seeing so many options that are usually not found in many other grocery stores for a decent price. I will definitely be back, especially for the chocolate croissants.