Softball team steps up to batter’s box, ready to win

In hopes to win it all in playoffs, the softball team has prepared for their season with hard work and determination. Their repetition might be the key to success.


Keeping the eye on the prize…Setting up for a bunt, junior Camryn Nadolski stands ready for the ball in the first game of the season. The softball team went on to win 9-7 to beat Methacton and kickstart the season.

Through spring training and an offseason full of practice, the softball team has tried to do their best to prepare themselves. Their team chemistry has been fueled through this, according to many of the players.  

With the start of a new season, most teams want to make it to the playoffs and win the championship. Souderton’s softball team is no different.

“We want to make the state playoffs this year,” head coach Carol Atkinson said.

While every team has the same goal, they still need to practice, practice, practice. 

According to junior Kendall Clemmer, practice has been a large facet of the team.

“Over the fall and winter, we had practices 1-2 nights a week where we worked on a variety of things from hitting and fielding to conditioning,” Clemmer said. “This helped us out because it allowed people to improve at the game, and it also gave people the opportunity to get to know each other better prior to the season starting, which could play a role into the good chemistry.”

Team captain Mckenna Schroding agrees that practice is key for the team.

“Whenever we have bad games, we always practice what we do after to get better in order to prevent those issues from happening again,” Schroding said. 

Along with practice, the team’s annual Myrtle Beach trip gives them a headstart to the season and allows the team to get play time. 

“We also had a great chance to do some spring training in Myrtle Beach,” junior Lily Ponce said. “We were in the sun while other teams here couldn’t even practice outside because of the rain.” 

According to junior Camryn Nadolski, the trip gives them hands-on experience of what the season is going to be.

“Our spring training trip to Myrtle Beach was a great way to get some playing time in before our league games,” Nadolski said. 

The team’s strong beliefs for practice in the offseason and their Myrtle Beach trip has created strong chemistry that brings “positivity” and “support,” according to Atkinson.

“The team has good chemistry this year and everyone is close, which really shows on the field,” Clemmer said, “because we pick each other up when someone’s down and build on each other’s energy.”

Schroding agrees that the team’s chemistry is uplifting and visible. 

“The team chemistry is super good,” Schroding said. “We all get along, which helps a lot on the field.”

Many of the players believe that their dedication and teamwork is going to help them accomplish their goals.