Santos lies, misleads his way to Congress

After a successful campaign based on half truths and lies, Representative George Santos’ schemes have started to unravel. The question remains: “How did he get away with it?”

By manipulating the public’s perception of him, Representative George Santos has exposed the lack of accountability held on politicians by the media and public.
Santos told many lies to bolster his resume.
From lying about his charitable history to misrepresenting his religious affiliations, Santos hoodwinked New York voters into thinking he was a competent politician–even just a politician.
His lies include falsely claiming that he attended and graduated top 1% at Baruch College and received his M.B.A. from New York University.
Before going to college, he also lied about where he attended high school.
Santos said he attended a prestigious private high school in New York City before hard times fell on his parents in 2008 and he was forced to change schools.
He also claimed he worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.
Neither of the colleges or businesses have a record of him attending or working for them.
He established that he is Jewish and had relatives who survived the Holocaust, but later doubled back saying he meant Jew-“ish.”
Genealogy records reviewed by genealogist Megan Smolenyak show no indication of Jewish heritage.
Santos claimed that his mother’s death was tied to 9/11 and the carcinogens from the debris, but there was no record of her ever being at the World Trade Center that day.
Also, she passed 15 years after the attacks so it is unlikely her cancer was tied to carcinogens from 9/11.
Santos is currently under investigation by the FBI for his charity “Friends of Pets United” that claimed to have saved 2,500 dogs and cats, but there is no official record of the charity.
Somehow, even with the absurdity of all of these lies, Santos was elected as a Republican in New York, flipping a previously Democrat controlled seat in the House of Representatives.
In recent years, we have seen a drastic, radical shift in American politics.
All of the lies and deception surrounding politics seem to be perfectly encapsulated by the most successful and prolific liar seen in the political sphere: George Santos.
It is deeply concerning to witness the loss of whatever truth and integrity remained in politics through Santos’ rise to power.
This entire situation leads us to believe that anything is now possible in politics, and that the constantly devolving federal government and the representatives and senators that make up Congress will continue to deceive and cheat the American voters.
Santos was voted into office based on a fake persona.
His entire campaign and identity were fraudulent.
There is no reason that a candidate whose entire voter base believed he was somebody else should be allowed to remain in office and the fact that the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has defended Santos’ actions is downright egregious.
This is not a partisan issue.
It is a matter that is integral to upholding a fair government which the founding fathers worked tirelessly to create.
Whether Democrat or Republican, every single politician should be expected to uphold a certain standard of nobility.
A standard that has not been met in politics in recent years, but should be pushed by all voters and politicians as a necessity.
It should be expected of every member of Congress that they uphold integrity and transparency to the constituents that they represent.
For Senator McCarthy to defend Santos speaks volumes to the current state of politics in the United States.
There is a dwindling appreciation for transparency and any voter who cares about honesty in the politicians that represent them should be calling for Santos’ immediate resignation.