‘Outer Banks’ ‘brings it on home’ for season three

[SPOILERS] The newest season of “Outer Banks” answered many questions, concluded multiple story lines and hinted at an exciting new plot for season four.


“Outer Banks: Season 3” picks up after the Pogues were stranded on an island and living the “Pogue life” for one month. They are saved, reunited with a certain someone and, once again, search for treasure.
After the six teenagers are rescued from Poguelandia, they are taken to the Caribbean island Barbados. They learn that a very powerful treasure hunter, Carlos Singh, is searching for the lost city of El Dorado and he believes the Pogues have a clue that will lead him there.
The six teenagers each find their way back to the Outer Banks. Along the way, John B finds his dad, also known as Big John, who was presumed dead for over a year. They all reunite and embark on a new, dangerous journey to find the lost city of El Dorado.
Throughout the season, multiple new relationships emerge between the Pogues. JJ and Kiara, who the fans have been begging to get together, finally figured things out and are together by the end of the season.
After Pope had his heart broken, Cleo stepped in to cheer him up and make him feel better, which resulted in a relationship between them.
Annoyingly, after not seeing John B (her HUSBAND!) for one day, Sarah cheats on him with her ex-boyfriend, Topper. When John B finds out, his reaction was understandable, but Sarah takes sides with Topper, abandoning her husband to be ridiculed by the Kooks.
Sarah is a terrible wife who has now been given two second-chances, and hopefully not a third.
Although the relationships are rocky at parts, it is good that all of the Pogues have someone in their group to love. Six Pogues, three couples, it kind of worked out perfectly without being forced.
The return of Big John in the show was much anticipated by the audience, due to the fact that they hinted at his return for two seasons. But, the audience was so excited for his return that what the show did with his character was overhyped and let us down.
Big John wasn’t the loving father that we wanted; he was an obsessive, ruthless and selfish treasure hunter.
Big John was a good addition to the show because he showed the kids that treasure hunting can be dangerous and it’s not all fun and gold.
That being said, the best part of the season was when Big John was captured by Singh and irrelevant to the story for a few episodes.
The period where there were no adults involved in the kids’ hunt for treasure gave season one vibes. These three or four episodes consisted of a bunch of teenagers treasure hunting, breaking rules and doing Pogue things.
This is what made season one so enjoyable for young audiences and this enjoyment returned for a few episodes.
All in all, season three was a huge win for the Pogues.
So many great things happened to them that made the ending satisfying as well as hinting at a search for the lost treasure of Blackbeard in season four.
The plot is good, the characters are good, the soundtrack is great, the treasure hunting is great and the ending is amazing.
Overall rating: 8/10