Big Red returns to Souderton to rally the ‘Rowdy Reds’

The Glass Half Full {An Arrowhead Column}: To help bring back school spirit, Souderton’s Big Red is making a reappearance this year. The school’s mascot had not been seen in the past few years, further increasing the mystic surrounding Big Red.


By attending the “non-mainstream” sporting events, Big Red is helping to highlight lesser-recognized sports teams and create a sense of community.
Big Red made their first appearance of the year at a high school basketball game and could be seen hyping up the crowd and getting the fans, otherwise known as “rowdy reds,” involved with the game.
“We need to expand the Rowdy Reds,” Red said. “I just want everyone to be excited about what we accomplish here.”
Red hopes to gain recognition for the “underappreciated” sports at Souderton.
“I want to get more people interested in going to non-mainstream sporting events,” Red said. “I went to a swim meet and I’m looking forward to going to tennis matches, girls lacrosse, basically the underappreciated sports of Souderton.”
According to Red, going to sporting events is just one of the many ways that we can create a “good environment” here at Souderton.
As we return to a year of normalcy post-COVID-19, there has been a rise in the number of fans at community events and sports games.
Students have found creative ways to show their support for athletes, such as dressing as ESPN sports announcers and creating video edits of players.
This winter season, the hockey rink could be seen packed full of students coming out to support the Souderton players.
Community support can be a huge factor in raising team morale and can contribute to a successful season.
According to Red, they try to incorporate aspects of the mascot into their everyday life.
“I try to embrace [Big Red’s] mentality of always being positive and supportive of everyone else because Big Red is really supportive of everyone,” Red said. “I just try to maintain that mindset at all times.”
Red encourages others to do the same and incorporates their values into their motto. “[It’s important to] be big, be red and be rowdy,” Red said.
Red said that while acquiring the muscles and mentality of Big Red has been incredibly fulfilling, it can sometimes feel as if they are leading a double life.
“Sometimes I feel like Hannah Montana or Batman,” Red said. “But as Hannah Montana once said, you get the best of both worlds by doing this, you really do.”
Red finds joy in bringing the community together and creating a welcoming environment. According to Red, they draw inspiration from other mascots and well-known figures.
“I think my biggest role model is Gritty because Big Red loves doing the Griddy. That’s Big Red’s signature move,” Red said.
Red can be seen dancing among the student section at sporting events “hitting the Griddy.”