Pizza Box delights

Stationed only a five minute drive from the high school, The Pizza Box is a new pizza restaurant in Telford.
When first entering the restaurant, the building immediately gives off a friendly atmosphere. The interior, while on the smaller side, still houses enough seating to accommodate a decent amount of people.
For those that eat in, a fairly extensive menu is given at the door before one may seat themselves in one of the three areas that are available.
After viewing the menu and ordering at the counter, your food will be made in the kitchen mere feet away before being served to you.
This results in very hot, fresh food.
During my visit I ordered a cheesesteak, and received it in about five minutes, with my order correct and my food fresh.
Not only is the food fresh and tasty, but the staff was very friendly and helpful, giving suggestions and personal opinions on different foods and drinks that are available.
I later went back and ordered two pieces of pepperoni pizza. While I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as my cheesesteak, it was still very good.
In particular, the sauce on the pizza was very flavorful, more so than most pizzas, striking a balance and not becoming overpowering.
The pepperoni was also quite tasty, and crispy as well, giving the pizza a nice compliment.
The Pizza Box also offers complimentary free samples of their spicy cheesy bread and homemade sugar donuts. Both of these foods are very good, especially the cheesy bread.
Not only is The Pizza Box a very good restaurant in terms of food quality, but its location is very convenient for many students.
It’s close to the school, several local neighborhoods and close to Franconia Park.
The Pizza Box is also directly across from Earl Bowl, which is a popular spot amongst many students.
The combination of convenient location and tasty food makes The Pizza Box one of the better pizza places in the area.
The small, friendly nature of the restaurant makes it a great place to hang out with friends, family or a significant other.
One of the best aspects of The Pizza Box is its fairly low prices.
A slice of pizza with one topping will run you $3.50, making it an even better place to hang out with friends or go on a date.
All in all, The Pizza Box is a convenient, affordable and quality restaurant within the community.