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Working with the Jenna’s Blessing Bags Foundation, Link Crew facilitated a donation drive from February 27-March 17. Items were collected in the main office and secondfloor student services.

To give essentials to underprivileged students, Link Crew accepted donations in the main office and second-floor student services from February 27-March 17 to support Jenna’s Blessing Bags Foundation.
The Jenna’s Blessing Bags Foundation was created in honor of Souderton alumna Jenna Burleigh, who passed away in 2017.
According to Link Crew advisor Matt Haines, Burleigh was “very big on serving the underserved.”

Link Crew advisor Daniel Glatts said that Burleigh was active in extracurriculuar activities.
“[Burleigh] was involved in Link Crew and she was also involved in the TV program,” Glatts said.
Haines said that Jenna’s Blessing Bags Foundation reached out to Link Crew to organize and run the donation drive to support the organization.
According to Haines, the donations were given to “underprivileged” students in the community.

“Then those bags will be compiled and then given to the [Burleigh] family who will then distribute them,” Haines said.
Glatts said that Link Crew was put in charge of making sure the donation drive ran smoothly for the foundation.
Haines said the Keystone North Church also donated to this initiative in a similar way to a “school supplies” drive at the beginning of the year.
“They were incredibly generous with the school supplies at the beginning of the year,” Haines said.