Entrepreneurship in media ignites passion

Embracing their love for the industry, student photographers and videographers find ways to make money while improving skills.


Photo by Christian Gresko

Snapping away…Capturing the moment, freelance photographer Isaiah Gouldey takes photos during a local high school football game. Gouldey, a 2020 Souderton graduate, expressed interest in photography while writing for The Arrowhead during his junior and senior years.

While going through the process of building their brand and expanding their business, high school entrepreneurs in the photography and videography industry find passion and a potential career.
In the past few years, students with cameras have been making more appearances on the sidelines at Souderton sports games and social events. These young entrepreneurs have found ways to use their love for camerawork and editing, while also making money in the process.
Sophomore Christian Gresko is a freelance photographer who has been working in the industry for over one year now.
Gresko first found his interest in photography when he saw another Souderton student filming and taking photos at sports events.
In the months leading up to the school year, Gresko spent a lot of time learning how to take unique, high quality photos and how to use Adobe Photoshop.
From there, he bought a camera and started taking photos.
“Now, I shoot every chance that I get to learn and improve my skills,” Gresko said.
As most photographers agree, building your brand plays a key role in the success of an individual.
“The better the brand, the more likely of a chance that people will remember you and want to hire you,” Gresko said.
2020 Souderton alumnus Isaiah Gouldey’s love for photography began during his time with The Arrowhead.
“Having to take our own pictures as staff writers really encouraged me to get comfortable behind a camera,” Gouldey said, “ and the more practice, knowledge and skill I gained from that, the more I wanted to take things into a more professional route.”
After his successful first shoot in March of 2022, Gouldey became a regular on the sidelines of Dock Mennonite Academy and Souderton sporting events.
Gouldey went on to photograph many teams and athletes all over the Philadelphia Metro Area in sports such as baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball and football.
“Outside of that, I love to shoot interesting architecture, wildlife, landscapes [and] just life in general,” Gouldey said.
Photography is a side-hustle for Gouldey. He tries to make it to sports games around three days a week, taking pictures, interacting with players and other photographers, advertising his work and making a profit at the end of the night.
Senior Jared Archer is a freelance videographer who found his love for camera work and editing after seeing another videographer at a football game. Now, he mostly films sports edits. “I have been filming for a skatepark team and filming b-roll for their documentary,” Archer said.
Although most of his work is for Souderton sports, Archer has made videos for athletes in other districts as well. Archer believes that his love for filming and his love of sports made this a perfect hobby for him, and hopes one day he can be a news anchor. “However, in the future, I would like to be in front of the camera,” Archer said.
As the photography industry expands and more students look towards others for advice and tips for pursuing their passion, Gouldey advises that students do what they enjoy. “Find where your interests lie, grab it by the horns and take every opportunity you get,” Gouldey said.