Attempted insurrection sends a dire warning

News Break [An Arrowhead Column]: Through intense personal political opinions, American citizens have ignored the true warning that the January insurrection sent to the nation. The insurrection further split a nation that should be united against political violence as a whole.


Breaking windows and attacking police officers before Congress was going to vote on the affirmation of President Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 election, pro-Trump protestors forcibly entered the capital on January 6, 2021.
This year marks two years since the Capitol was attacked by these demonstrators and two years since the country came the closest it has ever been to losing its vital lifeline of a government.
The political commentary about this event since then has been very heated, to put it lightly. There are questions about the break-in’s mere existence and the possible influence behind its happenings.
However, these debates do not matter in the bigger picture of January 6 as an event in this country’s history.

This country is supposed to be a land of democracy and a place where elections are fair.
Democracy is the reason for America’s existence as a country in modern-day society. Without democracy, this country has nothing else to stand on.
That’s why the events that took place on January 6, 2021 should be a warning to everyone, not just those involved in politics like Congress.
Most citizens in America have the constitutional right to vote. This right to vote was one of the first things that were put into place when America was getting started as a legitimate country after the Revolutionary War.
So, to violently challenge this legitimate vote by storming the country’s capitol and attempting to take over the government, the people behind this insurrection were striking blows at the very foundations that they were claiming to protect.
January 6 was a day when this country was very close to collapsing because some voters did not get the result that they desired. Insurrectionists were willing to destroy the foundations of a free country to get the election result that they wanted.
That statement alone should be terrifying to everyone. If groups like those on January 6 were able to create such violence and discourse around the idea of a fair election, only time can tell what they may think about doing next.
Living in America can feel hopeless at times, especially as a young teenager witnessing these events unfolding and possibly having no power to change the trajectory of the nation’s path.
Without the power to vote, it feels like all one can do is watch as the adults in charge argue about the issue and hope that they make the right decision that will take the country on a better path, for everyone.
It’s important to remember that democracy still exists in America. The insurrection did not succeed and America still has a functioning government that the people of this country can influence. Influencing the government means getting out to vote and supporting candidates that the people want to see in office.
If one cannot vote, education is a valuable tool that shapes a nation.