Spring Mountain expands with new additions

This winter, Spring Mountain added a few new additions in an attempt to enhance the visitor experience.


Paige Kawano

Shredding fresh powder…Snowboarding down the mountain, Spring Mountain employee Jake Oskowitz hits the rail. With fresh snow and friends, it can make for a fun memory.

With the introduction of a restaurant, snow-blowing machine and ice skating rink, many students believe that Spring Mountain, located in Schwenksville, is a fun-filled and enjoyable winter experience.
Spring Mountain has added new attractions that excite many people.
“I am happy about the new restaurant that is opening up,” Spring Mountain employee Jake Oskowitz said.
“The restaurant is amazing and, as a worker, I get to try it out before it is even open,” Oskositz said.
Some people think that the new restaurant will be a great addition to Spring Mountain.
“I am really excited for the restaurant to open. My parents can go while me and my friends snowboard,” freshman Tommy Holloway said.
According to freshman Jules Kaminsky, the restaurant will bring in more people.
“I think that the new restaurant is going to be a very valuable aspect of Spring Mountain,” Kaminsky said.
For some people, the snow machine is an exciting new feature.
“I am glad that there is snow on the mountain because of the snow machine,” freshman Trevor Miller said. “I don’t have to wait for it to snow to go and have fun with my friends.”
According to seventh-grader Lilly Oskowitz, the snow machine is a smart new enhancement to the mountain.
“I think the snow machine was a really good idea because it’s a more efficient way of getting snow on the mountain,” Lilly said.
Some others also think that the new snow machine is a great idea.
“This is just amazing,” Kaminsky said. “Now there will be snow whenever, and people don’t have to wait for it to snow to go skiing or snowboarding.”
Spring Mountain is “good for the family and has something for everyone to do,” Holloway said.
According to Miller, Spring Mountain is a good place for all ages and has something for everyone.
Spring Mountain has many things for people to do.
“I once went to a haunted house at Spring Mountain with my friends,” Kaminsky said. “I like that spring mountain hosts many events.”
For many students, the ice skating rink is a fun place to spend time with friends.
“I like to go to the ice skating rink,” Lilly said. “I spend a lot of time skating with my friends on the weekends.”
According to Kaminsky, ice skating is an enjoyable activity.
“I think that skating is a fun thing to do with friends and gives you something to do on the weekends,” Kaminsky said.