Pro: Technology helps children stay connected, learn

Due to the new technological era that we are entering gives adolescents more freedom. Allowing children to own or use an electronic device facilitates learning through the internet.

By providing their children with mobile phones, parents can help them absorb information and valuable life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
Many adults wonder whether or not they should allow their children to have phones at a young age.
Most parents will say no, without considering the positive knowledge that their children can attain from technology.
If your child needs to get in contact with you during the day, getting them a phone may be a good choice.
There are a few reasons why getting a phone for your child can help them improve and become more responsible as they learn to care for their phone, avoid losing it and stay within their cell phones limits.
This also allows your child to learn the responsibility of limits, manners and responsibilities all at once.
It’s important that your child can reach you easily and immediately in case of an emergency.
This provides an extra sense of security and safety which is one of the main reasons parents even consider getting a younger child a cell phone.
This is especially true once they get to the point of spending time with peers unsupervised, but you would also want your child to be able to call you any time something feels wrong, even if they are with another responsible adult.
Technology has been newly updated every chance it gets and provides a tracking location app called Life360.
When buying any Apple product you will have an app called Find My Friends where you can create groups with your family and friends to share your location with everyday.
In some cases, cell phones are a primary way to connect with others and learn socialization skills.
Having a phone of their own may help kids socialize and build friendships. Other kids may also use their phones to plan social gatherings or even play dates together. Other times this will allow your child to socialize with family members that live far away.
But sometimes a child could be in an unstable living situation where having a phone might provide your child with some sense of security being able to bring their friends with them to a new location.
With unregulated internet access, kids can tend to go wild.
But, students can use apps such as Duolingo and Schoology to learn more about their own curriculum providing peers with extra study help when needed.
If you consider getting any sort of phone for your child, a starter phone would be a good way of easing them into responsibilities instead of a smartphone.
They have limited features and may protect kids from getting hooked on playing games or even spending too much time on social media where they could over share their thoughts.