Winter Ball makes a comeback

The first Winter Ball since 2020, attending the dance was an opportunity for students to take a break with friends midway through the school year.


Having a ball…Enjoying the January 21 Winter Ball, junior Hope Derr dances with her date, Grayson Largent. It was the first time since 2020 that the high school held the dance.

Spending time together at the first Winter Ball since before Covid, students were able to connect with their friends and enjoy the weekend before finals, spreading school spirit.
For many, it is their first time attending the dance, which took place on January 21 at the high school. It was the first Winter Ball held since 2020.
10th grade Student Government vice president Elizabeth James is glad that students of every grade level will finally have a chance to enjoy and experience a Winter Ball after not being able to have it for three years.
“I’m looking forward to having the dance and for being there, and having the seniors go out having a Winter Ball and not once they’ve graduated [say] ‘Oh, there’s a Winter Ball coming now,’” James said.
The dance provides students with a night to have a good time.
“It’s a good way for students to come out and dress the way they want and have fun,” freshman Lanie Robinson said.
“Creating memories” with friends during the Winter Ball is a major highlight of the dance.
“It’s just a night for everyone to come out and have a good time together and get back to real life,” 10th grade Student Government co-advisor Patty Gallagher said.
What makes it so wonderful is that it lets students spend quality time with one another and socialize.
“It’s a school event, you’re with your friends, maybe people that you see in class but you don’t hang out with you’ll see here and you can socialize with [them] and have fun,” Gallagher said.
James considers the Winter Ball to be a halfway point for the students where they can take a break from everything.
“They can finally breathe and just relax,” James said. According to James, Winter Ball is a relief from stress and finals.
Freshman Halli Spears-Alderfer also believes that Winter Ball “breaks up a long period of time” between finals and everything in between.
Senior Abigail Gladwell thinks of Winter Ball as “a time to get away.”