Middle school journalists visit high school

6th and 7th grade students in the newspaper and magazine club at the Indian Valley Middle School visited the high school’s journalism class. On January 17, the students learned where their interests may lead them in the coming years.


Working Hard…During a visit to the high school, 6th and 7th grade members of the newspaper and magazine club learned about journalism. Their visit on January 17 was filled with interesting activities.

In order to explore their interest in journalism and writing, 6th and 7th grade students from the newspaper and magazine club at the Indian Valley Middle School visited the journalism course on January 17. 

Many of the students looked forward to the ability to write about things they are interested in.

“I think it’s fun to write about something you’re interested in,” 7th grader Addison Godfrey said. “It makes it much more fun.”

Similarly, 7th grader Katie Baker looks forward to the chance to “write down her own thoughts.”

Because journalism has a variety of components, it allows for people with an array of interests and talents to find something they enjoy.

Many of the young journalists were interested in photography.

“[My favorite part of today was] seeing all of the neat photos for the paper,” 6th grader Christine Farrell said.

7th grader Manha Al-Parvez also “really enjoys the photos for their magazine.”

According to fellow 7th grader Faith Yothers, photography is very “interesting and fun.”

7th grader Samantha Rocchino “looks forward to joining this class,” when she enters the high


According to 7th grader Amelia Exposito, journalism brings lots of opportunities.

“I think I most look forward to meeting new people during interviews,” Exposito said.

7th grader Caroline Comperatore agrees, saying she “can’t wait to learn about new topics and people.”

The students also were able to experience a small taste of what high school is like.

“All the people here are very nice,” 7th grader Leah Kemmerer said.

7th grader Sophia Gooch was very interested to “see how different things are,” in high school.

After rotating through five journalism-focused stations, the students filled out an “exit ticket,” with several questions on it, and got a few souvenirs before heading back to their school.