Philadelphia fans show unrivaled passion

With loud and passionate stadiums, Philadelphia shows its love for their sports teams each and every game. Philly fans show this, not only during games, but in their communities.


Hitting it off…During a pre-game meeting, Honorary captain Ried Fox meets 76ers player Tyrese Maxey.

Due to the passion and love that the Philadelphia fanbase shows to their fans, Philly sports teams can count on support during both highs and lows of a season.
According to self-proclaimed Philly superfan, junior Connor Feick, the difference between Philadelphia sports fans and fans in other cities is simple.
“Philly fans, they really just care more than any other fans,” Feick said.
According to Feick, Philly fans “believe they deserve to win.” This results in the increased passion and confidence that is often found in, or associated with, Philadelphia fans.
“In Philadelphia, your attendance and fan spirit is going to stay up throughout every sport all the time. The fan base is not really going to disengage,” Feick said.
Feick also said that many of the Philadelphia sports players have adopted a similar mindset to the fans, and those that do not often fail to succeed in this city.
“I think Carson Wentz, as my mom would say, is a baby, and was traded from the team after he got mad that we drafted a quarterback when he was supposed to be the quarterback,” Feick said.
Sophomore Michael Lengal agrees that Philadelphia fans are often more passionate than other fans.
Lengal is a fan of Seattle based sports teams. However Lengal still agrees that Philadelphia sports fans are “a different breed.”
“Philadelphia fans are a lot more energetic,” Lengal said.
Lengal spoke highly of his “second favorite team,” calling them some of the most passionate fans in the entire country for every single sport.
“The Seahawks, they’re known to have loud stadiums or loud crowd noise,” Lengal said. “They’re also pretty passionate, but Philly fans definitely take it to the top.”
Avid Philadelphia Eagles fan David Hoover said that “this city is just the best” when it comes to sports.
“When I watch a game, even on TV, I can still feel the passion from everyone on the field,” Hoover said.
Philadelphia season ticket holder and one time honorary captain for the 76ers Reid Fox said that Philly has “an electric” atmosphere during game day.
“The crowds are one of the most passionate, educated and well balanced fan bases in all of sports,” Fox said. “Men, women, children, elderly, all as one screaming unit with infinite stories regarding their own fandom.”
According to Fox, the years that many Philly sports fans spent rooting for mediocre teams has built a level of passion that is rarely matched anywhere else in the country.
Fox also believes that many Philadelphia sports players reflect the mentality of the city.
“To me, if you are strong willed and give it your all, just like the people of Philadelphia, the City will fall in love with you,” Fox said.
Fox said that it does not matter what caliber of player you are, if you show that you can fit in with this city and have that “underdog mentality,” you will succeed.