Markets, restaurants offer diverse cuisines

To celebrate different ethnic cuisines, students and business owners are taking on a new perspective on food. They are looking at more diverse choices for their food palate.


With more diverse locations to eat at, cultural markets and cuisine are becoming more popular for families to shop at and dine in.
By providing more cultural shopping locations, business owners and students feel more stores are providing a space for all to enjoy no matter what ethnicity they might be or what they like to eat.
“Our store is not just a supermarket to me, it feels more like family,” Amici’s Italian Market and Deli manager Jennifer Carfrey said. “We have a lot of Italians that come in the store, but we [also] have every culture that comes into the store. It’s not just Italian.”
With such a diverse population, there are many opportunities to try new things and get involved in new cultural experiences, like trying different foods.
“I enjoy most cuisine because I enjoy trying a variety of food, even if I have a child’s palate,” senior Kaleigh Spisak said.
Senior Vivianna Tuscai also agrees.
“I like pretty much everything. I’m very open to trying new things,” Tuscai said.
Many people that live somewhere different from their birthplace feel it is important to stick to their roots.
Florida resident Sara Marrero moved to the United States from Puerto Rico.
Marrero still holds arepas as her favorite dish.
Many believe that we need more cuisine and cultural markets in the area.
“I feel we need more cultural markets in the area, especially after opening one,” Carfrey said. “I’m always looking for more markets with a family feeling.”
With many different food options, many students have different opinions on what their favorite food is.
“I think Korean Barbeque is fantastic, but I also like Italian and Japanese,” junior Deanna Boesch said.
Bergen resident Jake Adams as well as Spisak both agree with Boesch on enjoying Japanese cuisine.
Others do not feel that they have taken to Japanese cuisine.
“I like to eat Chinese food because it’s good,” senior Brad Cramp said.
Catasauqua resident Brianna Henkel and sophomore Ariana Becthel also agreed with Cramp.
“I like to eat Chinese food. It is one of my favorites,” Henkel said.
While many have different opinions on their choice of ethnic food groups, Tuscai believes most foods are “Americanized.”
“I think that in America, foods like Chinese and Mexican foods are very Americanized,” Tuscai said. “I feel they aren’t the same as they are in the actual country.”
Many students agree and feel that they often notice a difference in real ethnic food versus its Americanized version.
Others also agree that some grocery stores offer higher quality ingredients than others.
“I usually shop at a GIANT for all my food,” sophomore Emma Underwood said.
Sophomore Elaina Duke, Becthel and Tuscai do the same.
“I usually shop at GIANT because they have fresh food and everything I’m looking for,” Duke said.