Qatar prepares to host biggest World Cup in history

Football fans in the U.S. and around the world eagerly await the start of the World Cup. The World Cup kicked off on November 20.

To try and breathe fresh life into an industry largely crippled by the pandemic, organizers in Qatar have made final preparations for the return of the biggest soccer tournament in the world.
After four years, the Football World Cup made its return last November with a tournament that brought new changes to the competition.
The Football World Cup is a tournament between the 32 best national soccer teams on the planet, who face off in a series of games over the course of a month.
The prospect of the World Cup’s return post COVID-19 got many fans of the game excited, as several countries fielded new and young talents that hadn’t yet had the chance to prove themselves internationally.
“Musiala is one of the best midfielders in the world and he’s 19,” Souderton varsity soccer captain Nolan Hughes said about German midfielder Jamal Musiala. “So I’m excited about Germany.”
According to North Penn varsity soccer captain Nathaniel Kim, the spotlight is not just on young players this year. For many of football’s most famous names, this may be their last World Cup.
“You’ve got players like Messi who can do it all,” Kim said about Argentina captain Lionel Messi, who turned 35 this year. “He’s back [in] good spirits after a tough couple years leaving Barcelona and acclimating to Paris. He’ll be extra motivated to lift the World Cup.”
Kim also believes that fans shouldn’t take Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s run of poor form for Manchester United as a bad omen.
“He’s been struggling to find a regular role in Manchester United’s squad and he is clearly frustrated about it,” Kim said in regard to the 37-year-old player. “A lot changes when he puts on a Portugal shirt. His leadership, experience and just his presence will be crucial to Portugal’s success in this World Cup.”
Following their qualification for the first time since 2014, many fans of the USA national team are feeling cautiously optimistic about their team’s prospects.
“We have high expectations because of the quality and talent in the group,” girls varsity soccer coach Ian Smith said about the team, which features players such as Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic, “I think winning the round of 16 is a possibility.” Kim is also hopeful for the USA’s chances.
“We have a young squad, with a few older leaders,” Kim said. “I think the USA has a good shot of going deep into the knockout rounds and possibly even into the final four”
Not everybody gives the USA as much of a chance, however.
According to Hughes, “there’s no way they get past the round of sixteen” Hughes said, blaming the coaching staff for underutilizing their talent pool.
This year’s tournament was held in Qatar, a choice that has caused a lot of controversy amongst fans who see the decision as a money grab by FIFA.