Mitzvah Circle demonstrates the value of volunteering

As the holiday season approaches, non-profit organizations like Mitzvah Circle are in need of donations and volunteers to offer support to struggling families. Current volunteers share their experiences.


Natalie Helfrich

Sorting and serving…Organizing donations, volunteer Nancy Greene (left) and coordinator Jorden Powell give back to the community. They make care packages for people in need.

To support families in need, Mitzvah Circle employees and volunteers encourage students to sign up for volunteering slots in which they make care packages for disadvantaged community members.
As the holiday season nears, this becomes essential for struggling households and less fortunate individuals.
Mitzvah Circle is a non-profit organization based in Norristown that focuses on providing for those in the community who are experiencing financial difficulties.
Their team and volunteers work to supply families that are currently in unfortunate living situations with items that are not covered by government assistance.
According to volunteer coordinator Jordan Powell, volunteering is a great opportunity to help others and to become more aware of what is going on in the community.
“It’s good for people to see what’s going on in their community. Someone could be really privileged and not know that their neighbor down the street is struggling,” Powell said.
Additionally, Mitzvah Circle’s team encourages more students to take part in volunteering.
According to volunteer coordinator Sarah Kemper, students volunteering can be beneficial to the community.
“Volunteering is a really good way to be a contributor to the world that you live in,” Kemper said. “I would love to see more students come in here and volunteer.”
Powell said that students getting involved within their community is important.
“Students are going to be the next generation,” Powell said. “It’s important to see how they can help in their community now.”
The impacts of volunteering can not only help those in need but can also help others feel good about themselves by giving back in many ways.
“It makes me feel really fulfilled. I can see the help that I am doing and see the impact that the volunteers and I are making.” Powell said.
Volunteer Nancy Greene also enjoys how volunteering at Mitzvah Circle makes her feel.
Greene said she likes volunteering and feels like she is helping the community when doing so.
“I just love it. It makes me feel like I’m giving back to some extent,” Greene said. “It makes me aware of how privileged and fortunate I am.”
Additionally, executive director and founder Fran Held believes that assisting can have an impact on the volunteer themself.
“People go into volunteering thinking they’re going to change someone else’s life, but end up changing their own life too,” Held said.
As a way to increase opportunities for students, Mitzvah Circle implemented its Teen Ambassador program.
Mitzvah Circle’s team encourages teens to join.
“We want to increase our attendance for our Teen Ambassador program,” Powell said. “It’s a really good way to get volunteer hours and meet other groups that are working towards a good cause, as well.”