Philly offers friendly, affordable local restaurants

With a large variety of food options at various prices, Philadelphia offers choices for all who visit when it comes to a good meal. Many quality restaurants are lesser known to the majority of tourists.


Taking a bite…Finding themselves in the midst of a good meal, sports editor Brogan Sullivan (Left) and website manager Jacob Godshall enjoy their last bites. The pair ate their dinner at Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia.

On November 5, we ventured into Philadelphia for a day of casual eating at the many places available in our fine city. This trip showed us the sheer variety of cuisine and pricing options throughout Philadelphia, specifically the Fishtown area, a well established and tourist friendly destination.

After missing the originally planned train from Lansdale to Jefferson station, we arrived in Fishtown. Even while driving to our destination in Fishtown, we passed many restaurants and places of interest, five star restaurants and local markets alike.

After settling in, we decided to go to Middle Child Clubhouse for breakfast. Middle Child is a cozy-feeling, modern restaurant that specializes in homemade bread and sandwiches. 

During our meal we received excellent service from a very helpful waitstaff, and discovered a gem, so to speak, in the quality of their scrambled eggs. 

While the ratio in our sandwiches was a little lacking, (there was quite a lot of egg) it made up for it with its spectacular taste. 

Middle Child Clubhouse is a great location to hang out with friends, get some work done or just have a quiet, relaxing meal.

Soon after, at a little past noon, we made our way to our second location.

Just a block away was a small but friendly diner, Joe’s Steak and Soda Shop, which has a lot of character. With the kitchen in the same room as the dining area, we received quick service. The menu didn’t have many options, but the classic meals made up for it.

With a selection of mostly traditional American meals, we ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a Philly cheesesteak, both with fries. The burger was grilled to perfection, having an equal balance of meat and bun. The cheesesteak was everything someone should expect from a classic Philly cheesesteak and more. 

Although there were fewer meal options than other restaurants, they had a vast group of drinks, such as cherry and orange soda. The meal was very reasonably priced, very filling and was beyond our expectations. 

For our final restaurant, we visited Pizzeria Beddia. This unique restaurant is composed of a walled in, open roofed dining room, as well as indoor seating. Pizzeria Beddia is known for its unique, gourmet pizzas. 

This restaurant was our most expensive meal, but was still reasonably priced for the quality of our food. We ordered two pizzas, a white pizza with collard greens and a red pizza with pepperoni and jalapeños.

While the food was enjoyable at Pizzeria Beddia, the highlight of the restaurant was the atmosphere. The entire place teemed with life and had a relaxed feel to it.

Even those with different palates and price ranges can enjoy a quality meal anywhere in Philadelphia, they just need to know the right place. Whether you are looking for a luxurious meal with divine foods or just a grilled burger, there is a place for you.  

After missing the originally planned train from Lansdale to Jefferson station, we arrived in Fishtown. The train tickets totaled $14 round trip.