‘Ye’ incites toxic conversation about semitism

Utilizing social media as an avenue to spread hate, celebrity Kanye West has promoted further animosity based on already growing anti-Semitic tensions. This malice should remain in the past.


Stine’s Mind: An Arrowhead Column

As one of today’s most influential artists, Kanye West is taking advantage of his star status to push idiocratic ideas and comments that promote concepts that should be left in the past.
With such a mass following, even if a majority of people view West’s social media tangents as jokes or deranged comments, someone out there internalizes what is being said as acceptable behavior.
Although his words did spark some consequences- such as various business partnerships being cut- there is irreversible damage. The problem goes much deeper than a couple of tweets.
According to research collected by the Anti-Defamation League, 2021 saw the highest rate of antisemitic incidents since they began collecting information on related incidents in 1979.
West’s tweets only furthered this rising intensity of discriminatory behavior.
One of the most prominent examples of this influence occurred on October 22, when several people stood above the 405 freeway in Los Angeles with banners justifying Kanye’s words.
In addition, those standing above the overpass were pictured making the Nazi salute. According to Fox 11, one banner read “Kanye is right about the Jews.”
This highly public display shows the undercover anti-semitism that is now coming to light.
The same message on the banner was replicated outside TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida during the Georgia-Florida college football game on October 28.
West is aware of the chaos his actions have created.
It is a well-known fact that the rapper is diagnosed with bipolar disorder; however, this is no excuse for his actions.
Some may write off his comments and tangents as a correlation to his unstable mental health, but the result of his actions is inexcusable.
As someone with so much access to high-quality mental health resources, it is selfish for him not to take advantage of these resources.
West may be viewed simply as an entertainer, but dismissing his actions because of this stereotyped persona or mental health is also damaging.
His comments are very drastic and should be taken seriously.
Brands that have denounced West’s acts and severed business ties are taking the right step forward.
One business, MRC Entertainment, which recently completed a documentary about West, has decided to shelve the documentary and cut ties with West.
MRC Entertainment released a statement regarding West’s attacks on the Jewish population on October 24.
“Lies are an important part of all discrimination, and this one is no different. When well-crafted, they create the illusion that the action is just, that the bigot is ‘punching up’ at the victim,” the statement said. “It’s critical to anti-Semites, who must explain why they are attacking a people that comprise less than half of one percent of the world’s population.”
His comments are festering in areas where people identify with what he is saying on a highly personal level.
They feel seen.
They feel justified.
They feel validated.
They also feel the need to share their views, which is a scary thought.