Homecoming sparks school spirit

In an effort to create a more spirited school environment, Student Council coordinated a homecoming week filled with many returning traditions. Spirit Week was held October 3-7.


Photo by Zoe Bass

Not chickening out…Gearing up for the Wing Bowl, junior Jaden Knize (left) carries junior Zach Gross into the Wing Bowl competition. Students, teachers and administration cheered them on during the October 7 homecoming pep rally.

In order to raise school spirit this homecoming season, the student council organized a spirit week for students, starting on
October 3, to begin celebrating the homecoming football game and dance.
According to junior Kate Coll, this week has been planned out for multiple months.
“We have been preparing for the pep rally for three months now,” Coll said.
The event was organized and run by student council advisors, members and officers.
In addition, members and officers oversaw ticket sales for the dance during lunches.
“Everything this week is kind of scary, it’s a little stressful because homecoming ticket sales are a lot of work and the pep rally is a lot of preparation,” Coll said.
Homecoming spirit week began on October 3 and ran through October 7.
“I feel like it was a big talk this year about spirit week,” junior April Gempp said. “There’s a lot of people who participated in it.”
The excitement reached across all grades, according to freshman Adelina Cutrona.
“This is my first homecoming, and I think for a lot of people it’s their first Homecoming that isn’t impacted by COVID,” Cutrona said.
According to Student Council advisor Amy Tarlo, none of this would have been possible without the students.
“This year is the year of ‘yes’,” said Tarlo. “If they want it and we can do it, we will.”
According to Coll, the Student Council’s mission for this year’s homecoming was to bring back the school spirit that fell behind during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“[Student Council] officers wanted to make more spirit come to life rather than last year,” Coll said. “This year we think that things are going back to normal.”
According to senior Levi Lewis, the homecoming court is one of the most spirited traditions.
“It gets everyone so excited, it’s such a cool process,” Lewis said.

On October 7, Lewis was crowned Homecoming King along with his running mate, senior Ella Stubbs, who was crowned Homecoming Queen.
“I’m excited for everyone to be together again,” said Lewis. “The spirit feels like it did a few years ago, before COVID.”
This year, Souderton held its first indoor pep rally since the 2019 school year.
Pep rally traditions, such as the Wing Bowl and lip dub music video, made a comeback as well.

“The hardest thing we do is entertaining 2,200 kids and keeping them engaged; trying to get them to interact is a lot of work,” Tarlo said.
With the return of many traditions this year that some upperclassmen may recognize, there is also a lot of excitement built around experiencing them for the first time from the freshman class.
“I can’t wait to see what happens,” Cutrona said. “Everybody is excited about it.”
According to Gempp, as traditions returned, so did school spirit.
“There’s a lot of people who participated in it. It was a lot more energy about the games and homecoming,” Gempp said.
According to Gempp, along with the spirit week, there is a lot of excitement regarding the homecoming dance.
“I’m also excited to see the new styles and trends in the dresses this year,” Gempp said. “I’m really excited to see all the freshmen go there and have really cool new experiences sponsored by Souderton.”
The annual homecoming dance took place on October 8 in the high school’s cafeteria.