Girls tennis use friendship to succeed

By formulating a strong team connection and setting goals to remain on track, the girls tennis team finds success and creates new friendships. The team strives to maintain a positive environment.

Through creating strong friendships, setting and achieving specific goals and keeping an optimistic attitude girls tennis has been able to have fun and be successful this year.
According to captain Amanda Yang, she specifically keeps personal goals in mind to increase her success. “I stay motivated by thinking about my goals,” Yang said.
In addition, some players find motivation from other team members rooting them on and engaging in friendships.
Junior Lily Hassett said that the team supports each other and relies on each other in many ways. “I rely on them because they cheer us on,” Hassett said.
Many players consider themselves to be more than teammates, but consider each other to be friends. “I rely on them as friends,” Hassett said.
Tennis team members encourage those playing sets by rooting them on from off the court.
“Sometimes my teammates will sit on the sidelines and cheer me on,” Yang said.
Yang said she has tried to bring the team closer together. “As a captain this year I’ve been trying to help everyone get to know each other and help encourage everyone,” Yang said.
According to Hassett, playing tennis and being part of a team can mean having a support system that is like having good friends and family.
“The environment is just amazing…with tennis everybody is like a family,” Hassett said. “As a team I think that we mesh well together.”
Girls tennis coach Josh Myers said that the team’s strength is their closeness and their dedication to team spirit.
“Just how cohesive they are,” Meyers said, “they do different theme days.”
According to Myers, he tries to uplift players and retain a positive environment on and off the court. “I just try to be positive and be there for them whether it’s tennis or school or something outside just to be there for what they need,” Myers said.
Hassett thinks having someone the team can go to makes the team feel more confident allowing them to perform better.
“He’s just a good person and is really good about dealing with teenagers,” Hassett said.
According to Myers, the team has done well throughout the season. “So far the season has been pretty successful, currently we are five and four so it’s a winning record,” Myers said. “We came in fourth in our league but we were in every match except for one.”
Yang agrees. “I think our season is going pretty well.” Yang said.