New album fuses cinema, music to showcase Kid Cudi’s journey

After releasing an album representative of who he is, American rapper Kid Cudi created a fresh album accompanied by a Netflix animation.


To share something new and unique, American hip-hop artist and music producer Kid Cudi (Pronounced: Cud-Ee) releases “Entergalactic.” The album and Netflix special represents him as an artist and the magnetic feeling of love.
Early in his career, Cudi sang about mental health as an artist and being broken as a person.
With this recent album, he highlights the fact that he is healed and happy. His fans can now expect more upbeat and happy lyrics with the same soft-singing voice of Cudi.
The album creates a relaxing atmosphere for the listener and directs them towards the world they create in their mind. Listening to the story he sings develops a mental image of a psychedelic walk through a rainy New York City. Cudi uses brilliant visuals to create a story that everyone can relate to in some way.
The animated Netflix special follows the story of Jabari, a street artist who moves to Manhattan to pursue a career designing comics. He finds himself falling in love with his neighbor and street photographer, Meadow. Jabari struggles to figure out whether or not he has room for love on his way to success.
The animation style portrayed in the movie is something out of this world.
Similar to award winning animated movie “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Entergalactic” has a simple comic book animation to it that makes it look choppy.
This film features a low framerate that seems choppy, but in the more action packed parts of the story it speeds up to create a fluent motion. It is purposefully designed this way to give the audience a chance to experience the detail and beautiful cinematography.
The album’s songs can be matched with major events throughout the movie. The first time Jabari sees Meadow the song “Angel” plays, creating a beautiful moment that displays that magnetic feeling of love that was mentioned earlier. “Can’t Shake Her” coincides with the scene where Jabari and Meadow realize they love each other.
Perhaps the most impressive thing about this album is the color. Yes, I mean the color of music. If you close your eyes while listening to the album, there are some colors that immediately pop into mind. These colors – purple, blue, red and yellow – are incorporated into the film.