Skippack event boosts local businesses

As individuals pile into Skippack for its fall celebration, local businesses are seeing increased profits. Despite poor weather conditions, businesses are making the most of the unfavorable situation.

We get more foot traffic than we normally would, so it definitely helps. It’s one of the top three busiest weekends in Skippack.

— Jackalope Interiors owner Leila Malonie

During Skippack’s annual September festival, local establishments received substantial boosts in business due to a sudden growth in new visitors, contrary to the unfortunate turnout caused by this year’s weather conditions.
Skippack Days, an annual event held in the town of Skippack, is generally an occasion eagerly awaited for by the majority of business owners and employees in the area. According to many of the local workers, it is one of the most lively times for them.
An individual who particularly enjoys Skippack Days is Jackalope Interiors’ owner Leila Malonie. As the two-day event approached, Malonie and other business owners started ticking off the days.
Many of them, including Malonie, even kept a set countdown. “We look forward to it, we really do,” Malonie said. “We get more foot traffic than we normally would, so it definitely helps. It’s one of the top three busiest weekends in Skippack.”
Not only do some locals come out for Skippack Days, but a lot of people tend to be new faces according to Bannon’s Boutique owner Karen Bannon.
“It does bring a lot of out-of-towners,” Bannon said.

Though Bannon’s Boutique has only been up and running in Skippack for about a year and a half, Bannon has found the yearly event to be beneficial.
“Last year was mayhem, it was great,” Bannon said. “Actually, I got a couple regular customers and they’ve come back a few times after that. They live out of town and drive up here three, four times a year.”
While the sudden boost in business is helpful, Bannon believes the community would benefit from more seasonal events. “As long as there are events in town, we get more business. They do events, but we need more. Summers are usually slower, so spring and fall is our time,” Bannon said.
This fall event dates back to the 1970’s.
For about 50 years, people have gathered in Skippack to celebrate the season and “Skippack itself,” according to Sweet Spot manager Abigail Harper.