Con: The Royal Family should not be revered

Committing atrocities over the course of its existence, the Royal Family has become an incredibly wealthy institution in the United Kingdom. Despite this, many forget these wrongdoings and instead fawn over its members.

Due to their greed, corruption and cruelty, the Royal Family is undeserving of the positive reputation that they have garnered over recent years not just in England but all around the globe.
While the United Kingdom pushed for decolonization following World War II, the result is a poorly hidden second British Empire.
The Commonwealth of Nations—made up of 56 independent countries—is composed of nearly the same exact nations that were ruled by the British Empire prior to World War II.
The Commonwealth was headed up by Queen Elizabeth II, but will now be led by King Charles III following the Queen’s passing.
According to the Commonwealth website, the goal of the association is to work “towards shared goals of prosperity, democracy and peace.”
However, these goals have failed to be reached in many of these countries, especially prosperity and peace.
There is an interesting pattern as to which countries achieve prosperity and peace within the Commonwealth.
Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, whose indigenous people have been marginalized and massacred and instead replaced by descendants of the English.
It seems as though the Royal Family only promoted the prosperity of countries that were made up of their own people, while disregarding the wants and needs of nations that contained large populations of non-white people.
The British Empire and the early days of the Commonwealth benefited from slave labor of those non-white colonies.
Even after acknowledging what they did was wrong, they made little effort to repair the systemic damage from the dehumaniziation of their people and theft of their resources.
How could these countries prosper when all they have known is colonialism and they are still under a remnant of the British Empire?
The Royal Family today does not differ much from the theocratic monarchies of the past. The old English theocracy, which gave the monarchy ultimate power over the British Empire, was based on the following thought process: all power is vested in God, and God’s delegate is the monarch, therefore, monarchs are deserving of all power.
The existence of a monarchy is a failure of democracy.
The Royal Family is granted nearly a hundred million pounds each year from British taxpayers called the “Sovereign Grant” just by virtue of their lineage.
That’s nearly twice the 54 million pound grant given to educate all children in the United Kingdom aged 3-16.
But, of course, not all of the Royal Family’s wealth comes from their Sovereign Grant.
The rest comes from their violent past of colonialism.
The Royal Family has been a historically cruel and brutal institution that has benefited largely from its exploitation of other countries all throughout the globe.
From its extraction of an estimated $8 trillion of wealth from India through the East India Company, its enslaving and extraction of resources from African countries, its raping and pillaging of Latin American countries The Royal Family amassed ungodly amounts of wealth which continues to benefit them to this day.
The Royal Family is a horribly corrupt institution that has done far more evil than it has done good.
The passing of the Queen should not be a reason to sympathize with this evil.