Faculty shares information for first-time voters

Faculty members are encouraging first-time voters to participate and vote.

In order to represent opinions on a larger scale, the upcoming midterm elections on November 8 offer the opportunity for high school students to have their voices counted in local elections. Many of Souderton’s seniors will be first-time voters in the midterm election on November 8.
Bucks County Election Coordinator Amanda Halfer said that the midterms are a general election. In this election, voters decide who their state senators, representatives, legislators, and office occupants will be.
According to social studies teacher Jessica Muller, the outcome of the midterm election has a significant impact.

“When you’re voting in a midterm election, you’re voting for the people that represent your state that will pass state-based legislation,” Muller said. “What impacts you on a local level are those local elections.”
According to PBS, young voters are known for not showing up to elections across the U.S. This phenomenon is known as voter apathy.

“It’s definitely a problem, statistically, they always have the lowest level of turnout, and most of the time, especially when I ask students, they often don’t feel like they know enough,” social studies teacher Amanda Gale said.
However, there are seniors who are voting for the first time that find voting to be a priority. “I think voting is important,” senior Julia Gehman said. “I think that if you’re able to vote that you should try to.”
Voting is a way young people can make an impact in today’s political world.
“It’s important for them to vote because their lives are so young and they’re going to be impacted for decades,” Muller said.
“You might say that they’re the most impacted by voting but, I also think that you shouldn’t vote unless you’re an educated voter.”
There are a variety of resources available for students to become more informed on current political standings.
Gale said that students can read or watch neutral news sources to become better educated about politics. She also said students can take online tests to form and understand their own political stance.
Senior Jessica Lam feels as though young people are starting to become more educated about politics. “Nowadays, I feel like more young people are becoming more aware of what they believe in and are educating themselves,” Lam said.