Disney’s D23 Expo announces ‘new, exciting’ content

In an effort to ‘hype up’ their fans, Disney Studios has disclosed the next year-and-a-half of content. The D23 Expo is an annual three-day event in which Disney’s directors, actors and producers announce future projects.


Courtesy of Marvel Studios

‘This city needs me’…Reuniting on stage at the D23 Expo, actors Charlie Cox (left) and Vincent D’Onofrio announce the series “Daredevil: Born Again” on Netflix. After the show was canceled in 2018, fans are finally getting more Daredevil content.

By announcing the upcoming TV series and movies at the D23 Expo, Disney Studios aims to give their wide variety of fans something to look forward to.
Hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, the D23 Expo was a large event that took place from September 9-11.
The expo not only appealed to young audiences with new animated movies, but also adults who get to experience remakes of their childhood favorites.
Life-long Disney fan Samantha Ross is most looking forward to “The Little Mermaid,” “Peter Pan and Wendy” and “Mufasa: The Lion King.”
“There is definitely a generational difference in Disney content because I grew up with the ‘classics’ and kids now are growing up with remakes of classics and brand new characters,” Ross said.
Another series she is looking forward to is “Iwájú.”
Ross is excited for this show because it will have a different feel to it.
This series takes place in a futuristic Nigeria and some main focuses in the show will be social and economic groups.
According to Ross, Walt Disney Studios did a great job with the new announcements, but Marvel had the biggest hype.
Having the most announcements out of every Disney company, Marvel confirmed more than five movies and six shows.
According to Ross, Marvel seemed to announce something new “every step of the way.”
Sophomore Aurora Heron is looking forward to all of the Marvel content coming out over the next few years.
Heron is excited to see the new Black Panther movie releasing in theaters on November 11.
“I like how Marvel dedicated a movie to T’Challa’s legacy,” Heron said. “This movie seems like it’s going to be a good first step in the next phase.”
Another series announced at the expo is “Loki” season two.
According to Heron, this new season will continue the confusion from the end of season one because Loki will now have to deal with the multiversal mess that Sylvie created.
However, she believes in the end it will all tie together.
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe exits phase four, new and old characters will be introduced to lead the next phase.
“The future of Marvel is looking a little chaotic in the best way possible,” Heron said. “I think the idea of getting more and more into multiverses is really interesting and exciting.”
Star Wars announced new projects at the event. With seven TV shows confirmed, Star Wars fans can look forward to a busy year on Disney+.
The newest of Star Wars entertainment is “Andor,” a show based on the life of the titular character before his days in the rebellion.
Junior Nathan Woodbury believes that the show, although enjoyable and new, “is not the best Star Wars series.”
Woodbury is most looking forward to “The Bad Batch” season two and “The Mandalorian” season three.
“I think [‘The Mandalorian’] will live up to the hype because the seasons currently out are good and I do not think Disney will disappoint,” Woodbury said.
In regards to the new Star Wars content, “Andor,” “Ahsoka,” “Skeleton Crew” and “Tales of The Jedi”.
Woodbury is excited to see where the series’ will lead and where the characters will end up.
Woodbury said since Disney took over Star Wars, the movies have been “pretty mid.” However, with the new shows announced, the future of Star Wars is looking bright.
As more Disney content from those originally released at the D23 Expo is announced, Disney appears to be “expanding and exploring” towards future success, according to Ross.