Issue 1 Thumbs Down


Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian struck incredibly hard in Florida this past month.
According to The Washington Post, Hurricane Ian was the fifth strongest hurricane to hit the U.S.
Even though the hurricane ran its course, it’s important to remember that communities are still trying to rebuild and mourning what was destroyed in its wake.
Make sure to check in with your loved ones who may have been affected.
To help from home, you can donate to the Red Cross, Feeding Tampa Bay and other organizations, along with contributing to verified GoFundMe fundraisers (search “GoFundMe Hurricane Ian”).

College Stress

For seniors, college seems like it’s just around the corner.
For some, the thought of attending college is a cause for excitement; but for others, it just means more stress.
While trying to navigate the college application and decision scene, it’s important to remember to try and find a balance between enjoying the benefits of senior year and staying on top of application responsibilities.
Seniors, don’t hesitate to seek out help from your guidance counselor or friends and siblings in college.
Let’s make sure to support each other through this process so that everyone can choose the school that’s right for them.

The Just-College-Route

Speaking of college, it’s important to dispel the belief that everyone has to go to college.
There are so many more options that can ensure a prosperous post-high school experience and career that don’t include a traditional college experience.
Trade schools are a great example.
At trade schools, students learn skills specific to their trade, such as training to be a mechanic or an electrician.
You can even get a head start by taking advantage of Souderton’s programs with North Montco Technical Career Center while still in high school.
To learn more about non-college options to pursue after high school, don’t be afraid to contact your guidance counselor or visit Mrs. Harner in room A313.
Choose the path that’s right for you!