Pro: British monarchy fosters patriotism

When operating properly,the monarchy offers a sense of pride for British citizens.

In order to help patriotism thrive and keep morale amongst the people, the British monarchy acts as a figurehead the public can rely on to provide excitement to their lives.
The British monarchy has stood through many generations, been involved with colonization throughout history and has had a lasting negative impact on many countries worldwide.
However, the solution to these past offenses is not to dissolve the monarchy.
The monarchy has been passed through many hands over the centuries and will continue to evolve and progress with each passing.
The monarchy should work to heal the damage it has done to its previous colonies, which it cannot do if they are dissolved.
The British monarchy also generates lots of tourism and through that, economic activity helps the citizens of the country.
According to Brand Finance, the royal family generates £1.766 billion per year, which is the equivalent of $2 billion.
In contrast, the royal family is only given $99 million from the government.
With the United Kingdom having a population of about 67 million, this costs individual citizens about $1.47 a year, paying a small amount of money for a massive amount of tourism and economic stimulation.
In terms of benefiting the people of the United Kingdom, it is impossible to refute the benefits that the country sees.
In addition to the economic benefits, the British monarchy offers a sense of pride and unity to the average citizens.
Everyday citizens, even when times may be tough, get to have their monarchy as a source of entertainment and pride.
They can always look at what the monarchs are up to in the same way many American citizens view celebrities.
For example, Princess Diana was an inspiration and brought so much joy to the people.
She set an example for how a royal family member should behave.
Their patriotism can be separate from their politics, allowing politicians to act more efficiently.
Not only is country patriotism separated from the acting government, but the attention of the press.
The press is able to use the British Monarchy as a constant source of news, funding the media outlet’s livelihoods. By doing so, the politicians of the United Kingdom are able to act without their decisions being commoditized and further divided.
The monarchy also traditionally offers a bipartisan leader in the country. The monarch is supposed to refrain from speaking on their political opinions to the country. This helps avoid extreme partisanship within the country as the United States has seen.
When the main diplomat in a country sets a tone of bipartisanship, it shows the people of the country that you can be patriotic, want the best for your country and not take an extreme side.
The modern British Monarchy does more good than bad and should be appreciated. They represent a source of pride and create economic activity within their country, bettering the lives of its citizens.