Issue 6 ‘Herd in the Hallways’


“I am a ventriloquist burper.”

“Monkey, treadmills, tornados and the ocean – all awful.”

“Oh, I know her. Her mom almost lit my head on fire once.”

“Eccentric is one of my favorite words because it’s just weirdo with a positive connotation.”

“We have the exact same taste in our mouth right now. This is Bluetooth tasting.”

“You know, all of this was B.C. – before cars, before Costco, before Christ.”

“I don’t go to a certain Taco Bell because I don’t trust a certain worker to not spit in my food.”

“This feels the way Lysol smells.”

Teacher: “This is a super cool word: nucelophilicity.”
Student: “I like the word bubble.”

“We’re having such time with world.”

“I’m trying to fail actual school so I have an excuse to go to fish school.”

“Oh my god. I’m so mad, I’m gonna cut off my foot.”

“Just because someone had a bad childhood doesn’t mean they can drink blood.”

“Let’s not take into account that his mother decided to give him a bowl cut.”

“I can’t talk. I’m watching street fight videos.”