Issue 6 Thumbs Down


Roe v. Wade Opinion

Because of a leaked document from the Supreme Court written by Justice Samuel Alito, there is a high chance Roe v. Wade will be overturned in June.
Roe v. Wade is a landmark decision from 1973 that has upheld a woman’s right to a private abortion and health care.
No matter your stance on the morality of abortion, the impact of the church has crossed the line established in Everson v. Board of Education, which first applied the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause announcing a strict standard of separation between Church and State.
Very few healthcare issues have seen as much political attention as abortion.
It is important to protect the right to medical privacy for women.

Met Gala Disappoints

The return of the Met Gala promised “gilded” glitz and glamour. Seemingly, neither were delivered.Many celebrities struggled to stick to the seemingly obvious theme. The breakdown of the theme was to represent excess, fame and fortune; many celebrities showed up looking cheap and bland.
The Met Gala is the place to be camp. Camp fashion is seen as ironic and “of bad taste” to a point where it pushes the boundaries of fashion. The Met Gala red carpet has long been safe haven for camp fashion, yet Jack Harlow showed up in a poorly tailored satin suit.
Some celebrities hit the mark, like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively, but too many missed the mark in its entirety to call the event a success this year.

More Trash

As the summer approaches, so do feelings of laziness.
With long summer days in sight, it can be hard to worry about picking up trash.
However, we implore you to clean up after yourself and keep Souderton clean and beautiful.
Going into next year, we hope this is no longer an issue we will need to address.
As a school body, we inhabit Souderton and are responsible for keeping it a clean space.
First, we need to clean up after ourselves and not leave trash in the hallways or on tables in the cafeteria.
Second, if we see trash, we need to take the time to pick it up. It makes the learning environment better for everyone.
We all need to do our part to leave a space nicer than we found it.