Issue 6 Thumbs Up

Issue 6 Thumbs Up

Teacher Appreciation

During an extra difficult year, it is extra important to recognize the work of our teachers and staff.
We should be grateful for everything we have learned this year and for the teachers who remained flexible during a year of many, many absences.
During Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, Student Council posted a bulletin board for teachers and students to see , recognizing the hard work that the teachers have put in this year.
NHS delivered donuts to teachers and admin served them ice cream to all the teachers during lunch.
We should make it a habit to show gratitude towards our teachers.


Congratulations to our seniors for making it through four years of high school.
It was an absolute roller coaster ride, like no other.
Between a cyber attack and COVID-19, the graduating class has had anything but a normal high school experience.
Seniors, be proud of everything you have accomplished. Look to the future, no matter where you are headed and know you have been properly prepared by the teachers at Souderton.
Relish in the moment where you walk across the stage and leave high school behind. And, never forget the lessons you have learned here.

Wawa Secret Menu

Nothing beats going to Wawa after a long day of school.
Whether you are grabbing a hoagie, an energy drink, an icee, a bag of chips or all of those things at once, Wawa hits the spot.
Next time you have an extra moment, check oit the secret menu.
On the kiosk, click the goose in the bottom left corner. The screen will open to Wawa’s secret menu, which has extra special seasonal items.
Wawa carries many seasonal items, like their esteemed brisket, but the secret menu has extra special items, like infused Red Bulls.