‘Multiverse of Madness’ is an absolute must-watch

[Editor’s Note: There are spoilers ahead.] Pulling together the original “Doctor Strange” movie, “WandaVision,” “Loki” and so many other installments in the MCU, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is exactly what fans have been waiting for.


With an engaging story and brilliantly written characters, “Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is certainly worth a watch. This is one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU] sequels we’ve gotten in a long time.
This story is advertised as being darker than the typical Marvel movie and it certainly delivers on that claim, with some parts almost reading like a horror movie.
This tonal shift is done beautifully, as it keeps the movie interesting and unique, while still maintaining the charm and comedic undertones that the MCU is known for.
As a whole, this movie is quite possibly the perfect sequel to the original “Doctor Strange” movie.
Every character gets just the right amount of screen time and their stories feel fulfilling for the individual characters.
Having Wong becomes the Sorcerer Supreme is an excellent choice for his character. He’s no longer this silly side character that we get a few one-liners and visual gags out of; he’s a serious and dedicated leader to his people, fighting alongside Doctor Strange throughout the movie.
This shift in his character is done exceptionally well and helps to contribute to the serious and dark undertones of the movie.
It’s not like Wong is a new character, either; he’s still himself, just a more developed version, which is great to see.
Speaking of character development, Wanda Maximoff becoming the villain for this movie is a surprise that I don’t think anyone could have called. Following her story, from “Age of Ultron,” to “Endgame” and “WandaVision,” this movie feels like the perfect close to her character arc, complete with a final redemption.
Admittedly, I was sad to see Wanda die, but it makes perfect sense for her story. I love that we get to see her final descent into madness throughout the movie, ultimately being brought to her senses by an alternate version of herself, ending in her sacrificing herself for the good of the multiverse.
One note about Wanda’s story is that it feels incomplete without an appearance from Vision. I think that her confrontation with her family in the alternate universe would have been more impactful if he was present, seeing how impactful his death was on her story.
And on the note of character cameos, can we get a round of applause for the inclusion of the “Fantastic Four” AND “X-Men” universes. As a huge fan of both of these franchises, I’m not ashamed to admit that my mouth was completely agape when actor Patrick Stewart came on screen to revive his role as Professor Charles Xavier.
Additionally, I feel like this would have been a great opportunity to include actor Evan Peters as Quicksilver.
When he made a cameo in “WandaVision,” so many fans thought that he would confirm his role of Peter/Pietro Maximoff, linking the MCU and X-Men universes.
When this wasn’t the case, it was kind of a bummer. I was really hoping they’d take this movie as a chance to correct this “mistake” but, alas, they didn’t.
I would have loved to see actor Ioan Gruffudd do the same for his character, Reed Richards, from “Fantastic Four.”
To me, actor John Krasinski felt like an awkward pick for the role. While the other cameos are played by their original actors or actors that played roles relating to the character, Krasinski is kind of just thrown into the mix.
Although I didn’t understand the casting choice, I do think that Krasinski did a great job in the role and wouldn’t mind seeing him reprise this character in future installments. As a whole, this pick seemed to get similar positive reviews from other viewers.
Now for the main attraction: America Chavez.
I loved this character. Her backstory is great and actress Xochitl Gomez is phenomenal in this role. As a new character amongst a group that has had an entire franchise of movies blend together, America fits in beautifully.
My one complaint is that her vaguely American theme feels a bit off. She’s not outwardly patriotic, like Captain America, but she sports a red white, and blue jean jacket and her power presents itself with star-shaped portals.
It all feels a bit too on the nose for me.
The American theme also doesn’t make a lot of sense. America isn’t from our universe and her native language is Spanish.
Other superheroes, like Captain America, have backgrounds that explain the heavy theming. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
Theming aside, the representation that this character brings is a shining moment for America Chavez. America is officially the first LGBTQ+ Latina superhero in the MCU.
While the movie hadn’t confirmed it fully, in the comics, she is canonically queer.
Even though the movie didn’t outwardly confirm this, America did sport a pride pin and was revealed to have two moms.
What I loved about this was that it didn’t become her defining trait.
The movie showcased a loving family, including same-sex parents, just as they would with a straight couple.
Representation like this is crucial for creating a foundation of acceptance in the minds of young children watching these movies. Casual representation like this creates the normalization that the LGBTQ+ community needs.
As a whole, with her moving backstory, sparkling personality and ability to blend well with the characters around her, America Chavez is an excellent addition to this movie. I look forward to seeing Gomez reprise this role in future films.
Overall, “Multiverse of Madness” is a must-watch movie.
If you enjoy superhero movies or science fiction, or simply good writing and acting, you need to watch this movie.