Students share their favorite summer hangout spots

By spreading news about fun spots to hang out over the summer, students intend to prevent others from being bored in their time off of school.


In an effort to save students from summer boredom, Souderton Area High School attendees are talking about their favorite locations to with friends during the summer season.
As Souderton’s school year comes to an end, many students find themselves with a lot of free time and nothing to do with it.
Some students throughout the high school have a spot where they spend time that is special to them for various reasons.
A few of those people are willing to share these “special” locations with and for the benefit of their peers.
Sophomore Nathan Woodbury’s favorite summer spot is Jacob Reiff Park in Harleysville.
This spot holds a special place in his heart because of the memories he made.
“There is a hammocking spot where I get to hang out with my friends and have lots of fun,” Woodbury said.
Not only does this park have places to go hammocking, historical landmarks and a forest, but it is also within biking distance of most Harleysville residents.
Sophomore Rahul Hegde enjoys spending his summertime at Wawa with friends.
“I love going there after a long bike ride with my friends because it is a great place to eat and enjoy time with everyone,” Hegde said.
Wawa is a central attraction in town. Getting traffic from walkers, cyclists and cars throughout the day is a common occurrence.
For students who can drive or can get a ride with a friend or adult who can, sophomore Ava Weismantel recommends Ocean City, New Jersey.
Being just under two hours away, it is one of the closest beaches to Souderton.
It is filled with other high schoolers and offers a chance to meet new people and make new friends.
Ocean City has many activities for people of all ages.
According to Weismantel, some of those activities include surfing, shopping, fishing and tanning.
Another student favorite is just a car ride away at Weaver’s Orchard in Morgantown, Pa.
Sophomore Elizabeth Kline enjoys being at the farm place because it is small and local.
“My mom and I go there every summer and it has become a tradition to pick berries and have a picnic after with all of our freshly picked fruits,” Kline said.
Some spots are as simple as someone’s own property.
For sophomore Will Stover, his special spot is his backyard.
He enjoys being able to see the wildlife activities take place on his property.
According to Stover, although this spot is very close to home, it still makes him happy.
For sophomore Hailey Riexinger, her spot is Peace Valley Park.
She spends time there in the summer as much as she can because the park has been special to her since she was little.
“My parents used to take us there when we were younger,” Riexinger said. “We would get Yum Yum donuts and coffee, then sit by the lake and watch the sunrise.”
According to Stover, it is vital to have a spot that is special to you not only because it can help to relieve stress, but having a personal spot allows one to just decompress for a bit.
“It is important to have a space where you can escape and take a breather,” Stover said.