Teen boys’ fashion evolves

During high school, teen boys are often able to express themselves by mimicking what they find inspiring.


Throughout high school, teen boys tend to undergo a change in fashion preferences due to personal style change and influence from peers and the media.
According to junior Sadman Sadad, as with many things, teen boys tend to draw their inspiration from their friends. “I started getting into the streetwear style from my friends in Queens, New York. I always liked how they dressed, and when I came to high school I wanted to make that style my own,” Sadad said.
“Best Dressed” senior superlative winner JC Peacock draws inspiration from the media and posts he sees.
“I feel like I take most of my inspiration from things I see online. I’ll take pieces from different places and put them together to make it my own,” Peacock said.
Sadad believes it’s sometimes okay to “sacrifice comfort for confidence.”
“I like to feel confident in how I look, and changing my style helped me do that. It was something that I didn’t really think much of at first, but it made a big difference.”
Throughout their high school years, many teens transition from the basic and comfortable “default style” into something that they personally identify with more as they “grow into” themselves more.
Senior Oisn Carolan said that this transition happened for him at the beginning of his junior year.
“I really began to evolve in my style at the beginning of junior year, as I became more comfortable with myself,” Carolan said.
Peacock agrees. “My style has definitely dramatically changed. My freshman and sophomore year, I was more focused on being outgoing and finding myself,” Peacock said. “I did that through what I wear.”
Though many teens identify with different waves and trends in fashion, there is “always room for improvement.”
“I would describe my style as a “new age” kind of fashion. I like to take older things and make it look and feel more modern,” Peacock said. Peacock believes that his fashion and sense of style will progress into something new in the future.
“I don’t think my style will be the same forever as trends change,” Peacock said.