Thank you for all the memories, A306

Over the course of our high school careers, we develop into who we really are. Each of us finds our place and uncovers that everyone has a story.


The Cunningham Chronicles An Arrowhead Column

Everyone has a story. This is the first thing that journalism taught me.
Beneath the socialized personality of every person you have and will ever meet, there is a story to be told.
I want to share some of mine.
Three years (and one semester) ago I stepped in to the Arrowhead Publication lab for the first time.
A few weeks later, we were sent home. Thanks, 2020! A few months later, there I was again. And then again the year after that.
Something so small and seemingly insignificant, like entering a new classroom for the first time, changed the person I was and currently am.
So, sitting here, writing the column that I will publish from that very same lab, I’m reflecting on my years both on The Arrowhead and at Souderton.
It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that this chapter (book pun) is ending so soon. It’s hard to imagine all the ‘lasts’ I’ve had this year.
It’s especially hard to come to terms with the fact that this is my very last column, in the very last Arrowhead issue of my very last year in high school.
There’s something so bittersweet about saying goodbye to this chapter and moving to the next, but that’s what always happens.
Usually we find out that as we keep turning pages, the story gets better.
So with this, it’s important to remember that new characters will be introduced, more plotlines will unfold and plot twists will definitely be thrown your way.
Though this seems scary, it’s all a part of the story that we’re made of.
Everyone has a story, and through the last four years and 14 issues of The Arrowhead, I’ve come to realize the gravity of that statement.
This is an ode to high school.
This is a thank you to everyone who’s helped me get to where I am, and this is a thank you for everyone who’s helped me unearth my story.
Everyone definitely has a story.
Mine included Saturdays spent in the pub with my fellow staff and fellow editors a year or two later.
My story included the countless jokes, memories and skills developed in this program.
My story even involves the writing of a few “Everyone Has a Story” articles.
High school is a time to cherish, a time to grow a time to find your story.