‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ shifts focus

With the first fourth installment of any solo Marvel film series, “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be focusing on more serious and relatable topics.



Finding inner peace…Thor Odinson, played by Chris Hemsworth, sits atop a mountain in a newly released picture from “Thor: Love and Thunder.” This film comes out on July 8.

Post “Avengers: Endgame,” the original six Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk) have disbanded and gone their separate ways.
Iron Man and Black Widow have passed, Captain America has grown old with the love of his life, Hawkeye is training his protegee and Hulk is now on what seems to be an Avengers compound based on “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’” post-credit scene.
With a fresh set of films and series on Disney+, Marvel Studios is still continuing with only one of the original six Avengers: Thor Odinson.
Thor is the first character in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) to receive a fourth solo movie and it has fans talking.
According to senior Buster Schmitz, “I am excited for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.’ [‘T;LaT’] I am really excited to see Jane [Foster] take on the role of Mighty Thor and I am excited to see her storyline.”
Foster, Thor’s frequent love interest in the MCU, hasn’t been seen in the movies since “Thor: The Dark World” in 2014 and is making her return in the upcoming movie.
Senior Jana Ranea is also very excited about the upcoming Thor movie.
“I’m really interested in seeing how Thor has adjusted after losing everything. He’s finally able to find himself and figure out who he wants to be,” Ranae said.
Senior Manny Rota-Talarico said he is excited for the theatrics of “T:LaT.”
“I’m excited for it to be focused on Thor discovering himself within the world post-endgame,” Rota-Talarico said.
Schmitz likes the fact that Thor is evolving. “Diving into mental illness is a good direction for a movie of this scale focusing on one character. Seeing him evolve is the best part of the trailer,” Schmitz said.
He also said that he loves less impactful plots that don’t threaten the fate of the universe.
“World ending scenarios aren’t as interesting because I know the stakes are too high for them [the villains] to actually go through with it.”
Marvel fan Ryan McDevitt agrees about Marvel tackling mental illness.
“To show that even our heroes, at their highest moment, can feel so low. It brings the audience into the movie, and gives a sense of realism due to what they have also experienced,” McDevitt said.
With all of the other original six Avengers departing from the MCU or finding their legacy characters to carry the mantle, many fans believe that this could be Chris Hemsworth’s last outing as Thor in the MCU.
“I think this will be Chris Hemsworth’s final movie as Thor, though I believe he will continue to roam appearing every once in a while for a quick cameo,” Schmitz said.
Rota-Talarico agrees talking about how he doesn’t belive this is Hemsworth’s final Thor appearance.
“I would like to say no [it’s not his final outing.] I think that he will have more appearances. He might show up in future movies not focused directly on him, though,” Rota-Talarico said.
McDevitt agrees.
According to McDevitt, “This will be the last, if not one of the last times we will see Thor in action, but maybe he could take on a higher role, and just sit on a throne for a few more movies or something. I know that on July 3, 2022, I will be sitting in the theater and all of my questions will be answered.”